How Reliability and Authentication form the Core of this Japanese Social Commerce ICO. Must-know for investors

How Reliability and Authentication form the Core of this Japanese Social Commerce ICO. Must-know for investors

Blockchain Powered Remittance and Payment


A recent data study conducted by digital services and solutions provider Avionos revealed that 55% of its consumer base made purchases via social media channels. Social commerce generated around 6.5 billion dollars in sales for 2017 [top 500 retailers], a 24% increase when compared to 2016. With 3.196 billion active social media users globally, social commerce is making companies rethink their online strategies.

Even when social platforms don't push huge volumes of customers into an ecommerce environment, experts suggest that the users coming in via Social networks have a much higher buying intent as their purchase decision is already advanced.

The integration of social media and e-commerce is indeed an exciting prospect. Local merchants, as well as retailers, can use these integrations to connect with relevant audiences directly. But the concept of social commerce is not without its complications, Social media websites get updated with tons of user posts, and their relevance can be limited. Consumers still face friction in social commerce platforms as buying methods are relatively new to the customer.

AI seems to be the solution as it helps in finding the right content to an individual's preference. E-commerce consumers also suggest that AI will lead to faster checkouts. While Social commerce is growing, holistic platforms backed by technologies like AI and Big data seem to bring working solutions for the real world user.

Release - decentralized Social Commerce platform

Release is a revolutionary social commerce project leveraging on Blockchain technology, Big Data intelligence, and Artificial Intelligence to reinvent the social media experience. Unlike other social media where social commerce is just a subset, Release's platform makes Social commerce its core emphasis.

The Release social commerce platform is already up and running connecting its users with the relevant information.Contributors on the Release platform can post articles, which will be classified into 13 information categories. Release seeks to provide quality niche information following the "everyone's news website" concept as users will be able to post niche topics which may not be covered by conventional media.

Release runs on the blockchain facilitating better information management, security, and rewards. The REL Token is used by Release to reward contributors with points based on the viewing frequency of their respective articles. This will lead to the creation of relevant and high-quality information. The platform also rewards users who evaluate the content posted on their network based on how helpful their comments are.

REL tokens can be further used to purchase products, skills, and services within the social commerce network. The token can also be exchanged with other cryptocurrencies when it gets listed on popular exchanges.

Release uses Big data to break down customer purchasing behavior. By using AI and deep learning Release's search algorithm can understand user intent and connect them to the most relevant info.

The platform's feature sets are very similar to popular networks like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, which will be aided by ecommerce integrations. By combining all the feature sets natively on to the blockchain, Release's platform will have a superior user experience when compared to the likes of Facebook and Instagram.

E-commerce emphasis is given to agriculture and fishery, where sellers can list their produce which buyers can directly purchase thus eliminating any middlemen involvement.


By combining its social commerce platform with blockchain, big data, and AI, Release will give superior information to users on its user base. By using token-based rewards contributors and evaluators are rewarded and this, in turn, will help the platform in providing reliable data to regional user bases. REL tokens can be exchanged with other cryptocurrencies or can be used to buy products, services, and skills in the platform.

Thus by integrating the concept of rewards and information evaluation, Release will facilitate the next generation of social media and further development of the Internet.

Currently in the 4th Stage of its token sale, Release expects to release its fully-fledged platform by 2019.

Media Contact:

Name : RELEASE Co., Ltd.
Email :

Telegram Group :


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Disrupting aviation industry with Aeron Powered by Blockchain

Saving People's LivesBlockchain for Aviation Safety


In this article I will be discussing Aeron and why I think Aeron is one of the most undervalued projects out there right now. Aeron is a whole encompassing platform that seeks to take advantage of the Aviation market and its projected future growth. The current marketcap of Aeron in relation to what the actual project is aiming to do shows that it is truly undervalued in the market right now. A very extensive case will be made explaining why Aeron is worthwhile as a long term investment, along with what Aeron is planning to accomplish in the future in terms of the Aviation market. Also an analysis will be made in discussing CryptoBonusMiles (CBM) and its relation to Aeron and how that part of Aeron is going to reward users the more miles they actually fly.

What is Aeron

The purpose of Aeron is to mainly prevent fraud and corruption when it comes to record keeping in aviation. More and more people are traveling today, especially among the young people. This means that more and more people are exposed to air flights than before and that is a trend that is estimated to keep continuing in the future. General, or private, aviation becomes increasingly popular, with more aviation enthusiasts enrolling for flight training to obtain private pilot licenses. Some later choose to develop this hobby into career of a commercial pilot. However in conjunction with more flights being made, the need for robust safety measures is increased. Pilots that have reported a certain amount of hours in flight experience can today easily forge that with paper based records etc. This puts the traveler at risk by flying with an inexperienced pilot. This is especially true for flights in small aircraft, be that a safari or a sightseeing flight at a certain remote location. Broadly speaking what Aeron is attempting to do is to put all of that information in the blockchain to ultimately make it impossible to forge or fake.

The pilot's application is used by a pilot for personal flight data logging. The company application collects and verifies data from aircraft operators, maintenance organizations, flight schools and fixed base operators. In case of any mismatch in data between any Aeron data source, aviation authorities can quickly detect and eliminate the problem. Aviation authorities can also detect any pilots operating with an expired license. As a consumer, or a flight school student, you have access to the verified global database through Blockchain can really make a difference. Air travel is for everyone, and it is beneficial for every single person to get involved in making trips safer.

National aviation authorities have had no way to inspect and verify the integrity and authenticity of the pilot logs electronically. There are no international standards or technology for electronic logging which is universally recognized. Each country has its own legacy log book formats and establishes national rules for processing and validation of the logs. What this means is that ultimately there is no standard to verify and confirm any claim of experience that pilots make. At best, one can only trust whatever is reported without verification which is not desirable when it comes to security and safety.

Business value that Aeron provides

In essence, for any project to have long term potential there must be a vision, in which a business value is projected into the future. It is the continuous delivery of value that will entice people and investors to not only hold the tokens, but to even invest more into it. This is the core fundamental of any project/company. If a project does not have that vision, the project will ultimately decay into the abyss. So what business values do Aeron intend to deliver in the future? There are of course many, but below is a synopsis:

  • Aeron intends to make the career of a pilot much easier to handle. With Aeron, the validation of flight experience and hours actually flown by the pilot will enable a much easier career progression, and that will aid the pilot into the right direction without any hassle. Moreover, that will give the passengers much greater relief of knowing the pilots experience.
  • Unlike current methods in which logs are stored in standalone databases or in paper records, with Aeron, the flight logs will all be stored in the blockchain. This making it impossible to be tampered with and making every record in the logs 100% secured. Even with the loss of paper records, a pilot can restore the valuable information from the blockchain storage.
  • Data is automatically matched from multiple log data sources, eliminating fake entries.
  • Ultimately, airplanes will also have a maintenance history that is stored in the blockchain. This will make it much more secure, and aviation companies will have much easier time in handling.

CryptoBonusMiles (CBM) - A Huge Component of Aeron platform

As mentioned before, there are more and more flights happening globally each and every single day. People are willing to invest money into traveling outside and experience new cultures, and that is a part of aviation industry that is still growing by the day. Previously, Aeron was built for pilots and aviation professionals to verify data and flight logs etc. However with the newly introduced component of CryptoBonusMiles, the flying consumer can also take advantage of Aeron platform! What CBM does is that it enables anyone to get extra rewards and take participation in major airline loyalty programs.

The way that CBM works is that of a loyalty program aggregator - a new flying passenger uses the mobile/web to register existing airline loyalty programs, or discover new programs and get the instant memberships. The application supports multiple airlines and hence the more miles that you fly, the more that will be registered to your account as mile accruals. For each mile that you have flown via the airline loyalty program, you will get extra rewards with CBM points. This will ultimately incentivize the consumer to fly more, but also this will build a solid and loyal relationship between the consumer and the airline company with CryptoBonusMiles as a convenient tool.

What can a consumer do with CBM points?

The answer to that is that you can use CBM points for a variety of purposes. To begin, there will be CBM shopping section in which flying consumers can spend their accumulated CBM points and buy various items. These items will be displayed in partner shops. The items will contain discounts for CBM users; furthermore it will also contain discount vouchers.

You will also be able to use CBM to buy flight tickets with CBM discounts and book hotels and get other special offers using CBM. Again with CBM what it is actually doing is that it is creating an entire ecosystem for users that want to travel via flight, it covers all the points from the actual purchase of the ticket and getting discounts there, to booking the hotels and getting discounts and to reward consumers the more miles they fly to build that solid relationship between the consumers and the airline company.

The symbiosis relationship of CBM and Aeron (ARN)

So what is the relationship between Aeron (ARN) and CBM, and more importantly, what advantages in terms of CBM do Aeron token holders get? In essence, Aeron (ARN) holders will get rewarded at a much greater rate than others on the CBM platform. What this essentially means is that if you are an ARN holder, you will get more benefits from the actual CBM platform, particularly:

Mile based rewards:

  • No ARN X CBM bonus points for every mile flown
  • >100 ARN 1.10 X
  • >500 ARN 1.25 X
  • >1000 ARN 1.50 X
  • >5000 ARN 1.75 X
  • >10000 ARN 2.00 X <- CBM bonus points can be doubled!

This provides more incentives for people to hold ARN tokens since this will maximize the benefits on the CBM platform. Ultimately this will provide even greater discounts for consumers because not only are you able to get a great benefit with more miles that you are accruing via the CBM, but also on top of that if you are an ARN holder you will get even more CBM per mile accrued!

So this is actually combining the best of both worlds. Indeed this will provide for ample incentives for people to hold ARN and utilize it for future benefits on CBM platform.

The revolutionizing platform of CBM and Aeron (ARN)

This idea from Aeron is revolutionary, and CBM is another addition to the future business value delivery that Aeron will add to its portfolio in the future. What Aeron is seeking to do and what it's poised and on track to be doing is to become the universal platform for aviation. This platform contains all aspects of aviation business, from the consumer, to the pilots, to the flight logs, to the flight schools etc. This is really perfect branding for Aeron, as it will in the long term make consumers associate any form of aviation related transactions with Aeron, just like we associate computer operating systems with Microsoft today. And this is in my opinion one of the greatest strengths Aeron is planning to garner. It's the perfect strategy to create a viable opportunity for a long term investment. By fully taking advantage of this and making it as a long term plan for Aeron to associate their brand with any form of aviation, Aeron can eventually capitalize on the large airline market. And it's by no stretch of the imagination a small market! It contains over 63 million jobs globally. And conservative estimates suggests that aviation support $900 billion in economic stimulation in the global economy, so this is a superb opportunity.

The incentive for ARN appreciation and accumulation

As mentioned previously, for a project to flourish, it must have a clear strategy for business value delivery in the future along with a stable plan to achieve the consistent delivery. But on top of that, there must also be an incentive for people to actually hold and accumulate the ARN tokens. If one observes the abundance of crypto projects out there, most of them only have a coin with no real utility of usage. In the case of ARN however, there is a real incentive to buy and hold the tokens. The more ARN you buy and hold, the more benefits you will get from the CBM program when you travel.

In essence when the word gets out there for the average travelers, they will be incentivized to accumulate and hold ARN to reap the most benefits and get the most discounts from the CBM bonus. This will provide ample incentive for keeping ARN as a long term investment as there is an actually business proposition for the long term, unlike the overwhelming majority of crypto projects out there.


It is clearly evident that ARN is poised for large success in the future, and that the symbiosis partnership with CBM sub-project is a huge positive for the entire ecosystem. ARN does have a lot on its plate and it has a huge list of good business value deliveries in the future that will serve as a positive effect on its price appreciation. It proves to provide good incentives for investors to hold the ARN tokens by yielding more benefits from the CBM platform, thus exposing them more to the aviation market. I firmly believe that this strategy in the long term will create a positive association of ARN with the aviation market, exposing it to an almost $1 trillion industry. Once ARN will have been in the market for a while, and its association with the aviation industry becomes clearer, they will continue to grow more and more. For that reason, ARN will be one of the most solid investments in the years to come.

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