How Reliability and Authentication form the Core of this Japanese Social Commerce ICO. Must-know for investors

How Reliability and Authentication form the Core of this Japanese Social Commerce ICO. Must-know for investors

Blockchain Powered Remittance and Payment


A recent data study conducted by digital services and solutions provider Avionos revealed that 55% of its consumer base made purchases via social media channels. Social commerce generated around 6.5 billion dollars in sales for 2017 [top 500 retailers], a 24% increase when compared to 2016. With 3.196 billion active social media users globally, social commerce is making companies rethink their online strategies.

Even when social platforms don't push huge volumes of customers into an ecommerce environment, experts suggest that the users coming in via Social networks have a much higher buying intent as their purchase decision is already advanced.

The integration of social media and e-commerce is indeed an exciting prospect. Local merchants, as well as retailers, can use these integrations to connect with relevant audiences directly. But the concept of social commerce is not without its complications, Social media websites get updated with tons of user posts, and their relevance can be limited. Consumers still face friction in social commerce platforms as buying methods are relatively new to the customer.

AI seems to be the solution as it helps in finding the right content to an individual's preference. E-commerce consumers also suggest that AI will lead to faster checkouts. While Social commerce is growing, holistic platforms backed by technologies like AI and Big data seem to bring working solutions for the real world user.

Release - decentralized Social Commerce platform

Release is a revolutionary social commerce project leveraging on Blockchain technology, Big Data intelligence, and Artificial Intelligence to reinvent the social media experience. Unlike other social media where social commerce is just a subset, Release's platform makes Social commerce its core emphasis.

The Release social commerce platform is already up and running connecting its users with the relevant information.Contributors on the Release platform can post articles, which will be classified into 13 information categories. Release seeks to provide quality niche information following the "everyone's news website" concept as users will be able to post niche topics which may not be covered by conventional media.

Release runs on the blockchain facilitating better information management, security, and rewards. The REL Token is used by Release to reward contributors with points based on the viewing frequency of their respective articles. This will lead to the creation of relevant and high-quality information. The platform also rewards users who evaluate the content posted on their network based on how helpful their comments are.

REL tokens can be further used to purchase products, skills, and services within the social commerce network. The token can also be exchanged with other cryptocurrencies when it gets listed on popular exchanges.

Release uses Big data to break down customer purchasing behavior. By using AI and deep learning Release's search algorithm can understand user intent and connect them to the most relevant info.

The platform's feature sets are very similar to popular networks like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, which will be aided by ecommerce integrations. By combining all the feature sets natively on to the blockchain, Release's platform will have a superior user experience when compared to the likes of Facebook and Instagram.

E-commerce emphasis is given to agriculture and fishery, where sellers can list their produce which buyers can directly purchase thus eliminating any middlemen involvement.


By combining its social commerce platform with blockchain, big data, and AI, Release will give superior information to users on its user base. By using token-based rewards contributors and evaluators are rewarded and this, in turn, will help the platform in providing reliable data to regional user bases. REL tokens can be exchanged with other cryptocurrencies or can be used to buy products, services, and skills in the platform.

Thus by integrating the concept of rewards and information evaluation, Release will facilitate the next generation of social media and further development of the Internet.

Currently in the 4th Stage of its token sale, Release expects to release its fully-fledged platform by 2019.

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To The Soon-To-Be College Freshman Who Think They'll Keep Their High School Friends, Know This

You will maybe talk to 10 people back from your high school while your in college.


I know what you are thinking "Of course I am going to still talk to all my high school friends once we graduate." "You just didn't keep up with your friends." "I am going to talk to them every day."

Of course, you may be the lucky ones that go on to the same college and university, but if you follow your best friend to college then have you ever thought to yourself. "Did I choose my school based on if my friend(s) would go to college together." Obviously, it could be coincidental that you end up in the same place, but my argument is more on the idea of having friends that go to the same college on your list of important things once you move away.

Now if you are still reading and still in denial with what I am saying then continue.

Since moving away from home I have broadened my horizons and met more people then I could ever have imagined. I have met people that if I have not kept an open mind to them I would not be friends with them now. You will most likely choose the same type of friends that you had in high school if you do not keep an open mind when finding friends in college.

You also do not want to be that person who refuses to make other friends besides their high school friends. I hate to break it to you, but your high school friends will find other friends beside you when they leave for college/university. This time in your life is supposed to be "a new chapter" if you do not branch out of your comfort zone then you will be stuck in a little bubble for the rest of your life.

Not only will your friends in your high school class be making friends, but you need to make friends that are in the same stage of life that you are also in. Still talking to high school aged friends will limit you from conversations due to distance, lack of relevance, and just not going through the same stuff as you.

Sounds daunting? I know.

I am not saying that you can not be friends still with your high school friends. From time to time I catch up with mine to see how the school is going for them, and how they are doing, but I am building and forming relationships with my friends at college because you have had to start up from ground zero, and will be forming a foundation until we graduate.

Even when you have broken it is nice to hang out with your high school friends and talk about the good old days. My point to you is to keep an open mind and to not get upset when high school friends have moved on and found their new friends from school just like you.

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Here’s How Blockchain Will Soon Let You Track The Origin Of Your Gold and Silver

#1 Cryptocurrency in precious metal mines


When it comes to precious metals, gold and silver lead the chain due to their high demand as they have many uses and are widely used in jewellery, cutlery, electronic components and more.

Gold is also used as a reserve to balance the local economy by many central banks around the world.

Each year, over 4000 tons of gold and over 20,000 tons of silver and mined and sold globally.

Mining of gold and silver is a tedious task, and in most cases, underground mining tunnels have to be dug out to extract them. Traditional mining of metals like gold and silver and related activities create a very negative impact on the environment and the population living in and around the mining area.

Mining employees are often exploited as well as mining companies often deny them basic safety and pay standards.

Even though green mining standards are set up around the world to ensure employee and environmental protection, they are often not followed by mining corporations.

Meet InnovaMinex - A Blockchain-Backed Solution to Solve Problems In Precious Metal Mining

InnovaMinex is a blockchain-backed model. The model ensures that all the process involved in the mining of precious metals like gold and silver are certified. Also, it is monitored so that there is no negative environmental impact and employee rights are protected.

Moreover, as all the data from the mining to the finished product will be stored in decentralised databases, consumers can be sure that the precious metals they own are genuine and has not been produced by any exploitations.

But InnovaMinex actually breaks into the precious metals market with a disruptive business model, that no one has ever created before. Apart from ensuring that precious metals are genuine and follow all guidelines, InnovaMinex also aims at making gold, silver and other precious metals more accessible and cheaper for consumers.

To achieve this, InnovaMinex will also establish its own e-commerce platform and ATMs where consumers can easily make purchases. In addition, they are negotiating with companies from other economic sectors who want to include the INX token as a means of payment in their platforms, to buy products outside the precious metals market. This will greatly increase the value of the INX, which in itself already has an intrinsic value because 25% of InnovaMinex's profits are quarterly converted into discount vouchers (up to 90% discount!) and distributed among users loyal to INX.

Moreover, the platform will use the InnovaMinex (INX) cryptocurrency, which allows consumers to make secure transactions and at a cheaper rate (up to 25%-30% discount), as the InnovaMinex platform completes third-parties from the scene. There are many advantages to the INX Community

Final Words

The InnovaMinex platform will undoubtedly revolutionise the way gold and silver are mined, processed, and marketed.

One of the main goals of InnovaMinex is to expand the precious metals market so that people who have never had access to gold realize that, within the INX Community, precious metals are consumer goods for everyone. Anyone will find the best prices for gold and other precious metal products just paying with INX, and those ones who keep the tokens for 3 months will receive incredible discounts to buy precious metals. InnovaMinex wants to use decentralized technology to centralize the main focus of its model to give them value: the community that produces (InnovaMinex helps the development of the areas where the mines are) and the community that buys (InnovaMinex offers the precious metals market like never before it has been offered).

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