Plan your wedding, they said. It'll be fun, they said. They didn't tell you about all the other frustrations and feelings you would have while planning your wedding. Whether you're on your way to getting married, you have no plans to get married yet, or you're in the middle of planning you your wedding, you will one day experience all of these things as well:

1. It's stressful

You have to find a venue, a DJ, a photographer, an officiant, your wedding party, what kind of food you want, what kind of alcohol you want, where to get your hair and makeup done, where to get your nails done, a dress, etc. You have to find all of these things and it becomes very stressful especially when you start talking about the prices of weddings, which leads me to the next thing.

2. It's expensive

Good luck having the wedding you dreamed about since you were a child because it's probably going to cost as much as a new car does. Weddings are super expensive and even when you try to go a cheaper route it still seems super freaking expensive.

3. Everyone is going to have an opinion

Everyone is going to try and have a say about what YOU should do for YOUR wedding. Although some of those with an opinion are probably helping pay for the wedding you should make sure you get things that you want to in the wedding as well as the groom.

4. Choosing a wedding party can be difficult

Unless you have like a few super close friends and you're an only child this might be easy for you. But, when you have siblings and then super close friends that you want to also include, somebody is likely to get their feelings hurt. Also, when the bride and groom can't find an equal amount of people that can be a little bit of a problem.

5. You're going to joke about eloping a lot

Every time I look at anything to do with my wedding I look at my fiance and say, "Maybe we should just elope." I say this a lot actually because I don't think it would be as stressful, it surely wouldn't be as expensive, and then the planning would all be done. But, many people talk about eloping but never do it.

6. Compromising is essential

Mostly between the bride and the groom, I know we like to say it's just the brides day but it is also the grooms day.

7. Choosing a wedding venue and reception venue can be hard

Especially when you and your fiance are from hours apart. My fiance and I are from towns that are 2 and a half hours apart, so a happy medium would be like an hour for each family to drive, but we can't find any places within that hour that we like.

Planning a wedding is difficult and stressful. But, in the end, it's all worth it.