From reggae to pop punk to metal to acid rock, screamo and country, people all over the world are brought together by what we hear: pleasurable sound. Now, in total, there are over 1,200 music genres. No matter what songs you listen to when you're driving down the highway or going to the beach, music is a universal communication that reaches millions every day. But, why is listening to music such a popular activity?

1. Emotion

Everyone knows that one song that'll make themselves cry or even get hyped up. Music is crafted to reach people and have them connect to it on a personal level. Even the joy of hearing keeps others interested, which is what any recording artist wants.

2. The Atmosphere

When at a club, a friend's house, or in your car, there are always go-to songs. Club music is more like pop, EDM, or Electric style, whereas being in your car calls for pop punk or alternative. It is all ultimately your choice.

3. Memories explains how your brain relates to music which can create memories that last a lifetime: "if you hear a certain song every time you are out with friends having fun you'll start to associate the particular song with positive feelings. The more often a song is played the better chance it has to stick to one of your positive memories and become a hit. This is a trick music industry uses daily. So next time you hear a particular song for the 15th time day, know you might be manipulated into liking it but as long as it's making you feel good, what's the difference really?"