It’s finally here! The couple weeks we college kids have been craving since Thanksgiving! Christmas, endless naps, and time with our families and closest friends! But as much as amazing as Netflix binges and sleep sound, there are a couple ways to get a bit more out of your time off.


Anyone who knows me knows I’m not one to knock nap time, even though I just kind of did that. And you can go back to sleep after this but seriously, If your semester was anything like mine, you will NEED that downtime. So read a book, write, cook, maybe go for a walk with your favorite tunes. Finals week is almost always hell, so do whatever you need to do to recover from it. I don’t know about you guys but so far, my break has been


Think back over the last couple months. Did you make this semester what you wanted it to be? Was this semester what you thought it was going to be? For me personally, I don’t think I could have predicted what would happen this fall. There were a lot of unexpected moments, even a couple of unexpected people, new crowds, new challenges in school. Things I never ever thought would be a problem for me. I had classes that I thought would be impossible and turned out to be my best, and vice-versa. There were so many unpredictable factors that went into shaping my semester. Factors, that after careful consideration, I am very grateful for.


Take a moment to enjoy being back home. Pat yourself on the back because YOU DID IT! You finished the semester in one piece, the last final is complete, and you never have to go back to that one class ever again. And now you’re home! Get your best friends together and revisit all your old high school haunts and spots. Spend time with your family and know that they are just as happy as you are to have you home with them, Your home should be your safest space, the place where you feel your most comfortable. Make the most of it. Live as much as possible in these moments. Soak up the emotion, the strength, and the love. And then take that support back to campus and hold it with you as you conquer the coming semester.


Again, think back. Remember the good, cringe through the bad. What worked for you? What didn’t? Would you make different choices? How would a different decision have impacted the outcome? Should you really have been worrying about that one thing that much? Should you have worried more? Personally, I think, had I thought less about certain classes and focused more on others, my semester would have been a bit more balanced and less unpredictable.


What do you want to see happen next semester? What do you need to do to make that happen for yourself. Maybe you’d like better time management or study skills? Well, chances are your university has more than a few options for you. Taking advantage of peer tutoring was a huge help in shaping my spring semester last year. Maybe you’d like to expand your social scene? Put yourself out there! Next time a friend invites you out GO! Kick off those sweats, get dressed up and go see what life off campus or outside your apartment is like!

Winter break is basically a necessity for college students. We quite literally need these few weeks off. We need them to rest, see our loved ones, and rejuvenate for the spring semester. So put on those comfy clothes and breathe. We’ve earned this.