When I broke up with my ex, it had been a long time coming. There were some things that we couldn't get past, including when we would be engaged and married. I wasn't ready to begin my senior year with an engagement, which I could already tell was coming pretty soon. I don't believe either of us was ready for that kind of commitment. He needed someone who could follow him in his career and I needed someone to believe that I could be on my own without having to sacrifice my own happiness.

Lizzo is a gift to this world. She transformed femininity to include more independence and the value that we as a society place on relationships. When I first listened to her entire album "Cuz I Love You", it made me believe that it was possible to function on my own as a woman in a world where being in a relationship meant that your future was that much more set.

I didn't know that "Truth Hurts" was going to be such a big hit because historically those kinds of songs get shot down as too feministic but it definitely didn't this time. If you listen to the actual words in this song, you'll notice that they include a lot of details that have tied to her personal life. She even included in an Instagram post recently that this song is her baby and has changed her life and the lives of many others who feel they definitely needed something more exciting.

Her words are my scripture for the many times I felt like maybe I wasn't being enough for my ex or that his ways of thinking didn't align with mine. I finally felt like I had a voice among the women who had their heart broken and had broken hearts. Lizzo is a transformative figure among the female singer/songwriter community and will have an enormous career as she keeps speaking out about her own issues while still continuing to be a force.