When You Lose A Loved One, Don't Give Up On Everything Else You Love

When You Lose A Loved One, Don't Give Up On Everything Else You Love

How a life changing event changed how I view something I love.

Averie Woodard

As most people who know me know, my father passed away almost four years ago. Some people who know me know I am an avid racing fan. Since my dad has passed away, my experience at auto races has changed. My feeling towards auto racing has also changed since my father has passed. It is amazing to see how much a life changing event can change something you love. I felt this article was appropriate considering at the time of this article being written, the Indy 500 was three days away.

I have grown up in a family that loves auto racing. Growing up, I would go to Daytona 500 parties as the NASCAR season would kick off. When I either four or five years old I went to my first auto race. It was a Formula 1 race at Indianapolis Motor Speedway. From that moment I have been in love with auto racing. This year is my 15th Indy 500 and probably my 11th Brickyard 400. When I was younger my dad would always take me to these races but that experience all changed almost four years ago.

About a week I after my dad passed away I went to the Brickyard 400 with my cousin. And ever since my dad passes I have either gone the Indy 500 with my mom or I have worked the Indy 500. Going to the races without my dad is definitely different and when I see other dads at the races with their daughters I do get kind of sad but I know my dad is watching from above.

In the two years I had left of high school, I kind of lost the love of going to auto races and I lost the love of auto racing. Now, as I get to work the races, I have found the love of the sport I lost. I find myself wanting to be involved with the sport more and more every day that I work.

Losing a parent changes everything. It changes what you love to do. After my dad passed I had to think about doing things that my dad was so involved it that I almost quit everything I love because my dad was not going to be around. I am glad that I did not quit everything and I am glad that I have the job I have now at the track and that I get to be involved in "The Greatest Month in Racing" along with "The Greatest Weekend In Racing".

My advice to anyone who might be going through something similar is to try and find something that ignites the fire inside of you. Do not give up just because a life changing event happened.

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