You have been dealing with this feeling of being left behind, feeling worthless, or feeling like you are running in circles for the same problems for far too long. Every weekend is a constant cycle of cleaning up the mess of the week before and preparing for next week's mess, and it is all caused by the same issues and the same people.

You keep allowing the same problems to defeat you time after time because you feel as though you owe them something. It is time for you to decide whether you are going to forget the problem or forget the person.

There is no right answer to the question. Every situation is different. Every person is different. Every relationship is different. The only thing that is certain in these situations is that your mental health is at stake when it comes to this decision. When you get to the point of having to decide whether to 'forget it or forget them' you are at your breaking point. You have officially done everything you can in both situations to hold on to something that just is not working anymore. It is time for you to make a decision for yourself.

Are you holding on to this issue even though you don't have too? What makes you think that your view on it is the only right one? Don't misunderstand me. Your opinions are so important. You voiced them, and now you are holding on to them and they are causing you to drown.

You are pulling yourself away from the most important time of your life. You are missing out on memories with the people that you love for no reason. You need to forget it. Remember that the relationship you have with this person, or these people, is too valuable to lose over something so trivial. You have to meet in the middle sometimes, and just because you have differing opinions doesn't mean that you have to lose the most important things to you.

Are you going to keep allowing the same person to treat you badly because you want them in your life? Because you think you need them? You were whole before this person came around and you will be whole after. You can't keep allowing this same person to beat you down and belittle you if you truly believe that you should be standing your ground. Just like they think you should be listening to them, they should be listening to you.

Your relationship is more trouble than it is worth, and the arguments are just draining you physically and emotionally. You should be surrounded by nothing but complete happiness and support and love. You need to forget them. They are not helping you grow, they are not helping you build. Remember that you are only in control of yourself, and walk away.

So what will it be? Are you forgetting it or are you forgetting them? Whatever your choice is, I know it wasn't easy but you are finally taking care of yourself. And that is the most difficult part.