How Going Greek Has Impacted My life

How Going Greek Has Impacted My life

Not all organizations are created equal; find what's right for you.


During my second semester at Rowan University, I made the lifelong decision to join one of Rowan’s many Greek life organizations offered on campus.

I had always thought of students in Greek life as very mischievous and too into partying for my liking – and that was not who I am. I wanted something academic, something that would involve a lot of volunteer work and service projects, something that looked amazing on a person’s resume, and something where the members did not party twenty-four seven and actually cared about their college studies.

After searching around for different fraternities and sororities, I decided to join one that several of my friends had been a part of and vouched for. That was when I pledged into Alpha Phi Omega, the Nu Theta chapter.

Alpha Phi Omega is co-ed service fraternity that has three main focuses: leadership, friendship, and service. As a Greek organization, we attend most – if not all – Greek events on campus as well as creating our own and doing a numerous amount of volunteering and service projects throughout each semester.

We also are one of the cheapest fraternities at Rowan, and have one of the easiest pledging practices, as there are simply service hour requirements, and a test. I urge anyone looking for a fun, extracurricular organization to put on their resume to check out Alpha Phi Omega as it has changed my life for the better in the three semesters I’ve been apart of this Greek life.

Since having joined this Greek life of Alpha Phi Omega, I have made some friends that I truly will never forget knowing. I’ve made friends I’ve told my deepest secrets to and I’ve been friends to people in the fraternity that I would never have been in that kind of relationship with without Alpha Phi Omega’s existence. I am eternally grateful for the friends that I’ve made through APO’s community and through the programs and events I have attended with my brothers.

Joining Greek life has also taught me a lot about how to prepare, hold, and be a part of service events and projects throughout the South Jersey area. I would never have been able to gain such a wide variety of volunteering experience without APO’s service involvement and the charitable personalities of the members. I have done service events for humane societies, animals, children, special services, and general Rowan University organizations. All of these projects have benefited me in being a more charitable and helpful person as well as teaching me how to become more of a leader.

Lastly, through joining Alpha Phi Omega at Rowan University, I have gained the skills of holding numerous Eboard positions such as Vice President of Fellowship and Vice President of Membership. Being Vice President of Fellowship meant that I would plan nights for those in APO and those pledging that involved fun food, activities, and events. These events brought together the members of APO and created more friendships and comfortable social gatherings to tighten the APO community.

Being Vice President of Membership meant that I would be in charge of planning and buying supplies for RUSH week at Rowan in order to promote Alpha Phi Omega to possible pledges. This position taught me organization, leadership, and promotional abilities that will definitely benefit me in my future.

After joining Alpha Phi Omega, I now understand the importance of Greek life in college. It teaches so many life lessons and important traits that can help college students for when they are in the real world and have a career after graduation. I seriously believe that it is important for anyone at Rowan to participate in at least one Greek life organization for at least a semester to gain the understanding of learning more about leadership and being a part of service projects. If you decide to join a fraternity or a sorority, I highly recommend Alpha Phi Omega as we accept people of all genders, races, religions, and majors. But don’t just take it from me, ask around campus and find the Greek organization that is perfect for you. Join a Greek organization and you will enjoy your college years much more!

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