6 Reasons Why I Love My Hot Mess Friend Group

6 Reasons Why I Love My Hot Mess Friend Group

Even though we’re all a bunch of bitches but we really do love each other.

As my sophomore year comes to a close and everyone and their mother are stressing the f*ck out about exams I’m kind of wishing the semester wasn't over. I mean, yeah, I’m obviously super excited to be going home and being done with school but, with the semester ending, I’m honestly a little sad. Sad because I won’t be seeing my best friends for a vast majority of the summer. Even though we are actually the hottest mess of a friend group you could possibly find I’m still so incredibly lucky they chose to hang out with me freshman year. As one of them would say we're a definite “cluster f*ck” of a group, but that’s what keeps things interesting. We’re a group that fails at early morning adventures to mountain sunsets, being quiet when we’re together on the street and making plans to hang out -- but I love it. Every minute with these ladies is filled with laughter and just a little bit of unnecessarily rude sarcasm. Here are just a few things that my friends and I consistently do that make us a “cluster f*ck”:

1. That time we wore matching pajamas for “friends-giving”

I'm sure everyone walking down the street had a good laugh when we walked out on a snack run. The large bear slippers were definitely icing on the cake.

2. Our actual inability to take a decent picture together

As my cover photo suggests we can't take a good picture as a group. This makes finding an appropriate Instagram post nearly impossible.

3. The fact that we can’t take anything seriously

Even though this can be frustrating our ability to not take things seriously can also be helpful. This means that the laughs are pretty much always guaranteed.

4. We’re a little hostile towards each other except for a couple of days out of the year

Sometimes we might be a little mean to one another, but things can still get ~tender~. Especially during holidays when we go around and say what were thankful for (Hint - it's each other).

5. Being sarcastic 98% of the time

Sarcasm might be the lowest form of wit but it works for a bunch of dumb b*tches. Just kidding, you're all oh so smart.

6. The fact that it takes us a good week and a half to plan a get-together

Have you and your friend group ever spontaneously planned a cute group hang out? Yes? Well, we haven't. Nothing gets us riled up more than asking what we should all do for dinner.

With every friend group comes some drama. I’m not going to lie to you, we’re all kind of bitchy towards each other. Even so, that doesn’t mean I don’t love them because I know without them school and life would be much harder and nowhere near as entertaining. Being done with sophomore year means being halfway done with college and just a little bit closer to the probability of leaving these friends behind. Until then, I just want to thank them for the endless supply of struggles, uncomfortable hugs, and bitching sessions. Thank you for being my ride or dies. ILY.

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1. What is my social security number again?

2. How do I fill the insurance form out at the doctor? Have I ever had the chicken pox?

3. How do I cook that dish again? I need every single step, please

4. Say, for instance, I washed a red with my whites, how do I get that out?

5. Remind me again why I am in college?

6. Can you transfer me some money?

7. Last time I promise, but can you transfer me money just one more time?

8. Can I have this dress? It is really cute on, pinky swear.

9. Can you please call the doctor to schedule my appointment?

10. What aisle is *insert food item* on in the grocery store?

11. So I am coughing and sneezing and I am in the medicine aisle at CVS, what should I buy??

12. I know I am like 20 something, but can you help me with the laundry again?

13. Hey, mom, I'm walking to class alone and don't want to look like a loner so hey, how's your day?

14. So I got a stain on my favorite shirt for the 14th time, how do I get that out?

15. Is it bad if I eat mac 'n' cheese for every meal?

16. OK, so *insert food product* expired a week ago, can I still eat it?

17. Oh my gosh, did you see *insert person* is engaged/having a baby??

18. What is the amazon login again?

19. Can you send me a pic of the dog, please?

20. Is it really that bad if I drop out of college?

21. Hey, what should I eat for dinner?

22. I'm having a nervous breakdown, hope you have a few hours to talk. No? Well too bad *talks for 4 hours about stupid professors and hating college*

23. Hey, mom, have I told you lately that you're the best and I love ya?

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Loving Someone With Mental Illness Is Different

Don't push them to talk before they are ready.


Loving someone with mental health illnesses is not easy. In fact it is the hardest thing that you will ever do. The person in the relationship that has mental health illnesses may not always be able to express what's wrong when they are having a bad mental health day.

The best thing for you to do when your partner is having a bad mental health day isn't to continually ask them what's wrong or what you can do to help. The absolute best thing that you can do for your partner is to just wait until they can talk to you.

Continually asking them what's wrong or what you can do when they can't yet tell you what's wrong is just going to make your partner more frustrated in the fact that they can't tell you what's wrong. Sit with them and be there for them and let them talk when they're ready and able to talk to you.

Some people with mental illnesses already think that they are hard to love or that they are never going to find real love. If they feel like this it's most likely because any past partners they have had haven't understood the mental illness or illnesses that they have. It takes time to really understand a mental illness and understand how it affects your partner. Don't give up on your partner before you understand the mental illness that they have and how it affects them.

Even if you have had a partner that has had a mental illness doesn't mean that the same mental illness is going to affect a future partner the same way that it affected your past partner.

Let them know that you will be around for them. If you don't understand their mental illness be up front and honest with them and tell your partner that you don't understand so that maybe they can help you to understand. Don't push them to talk before they are ready and once they are ready they will talk to you.

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