07 December 2017 // At College of Charleston

How To Relieve The Stress Of Finals

How to handle the stress of finals in college.

Andrea Rendino

As many of us are preparing for our finals in the upcoming week, the stress levels go through the roof. We run around trying to make time to study for all of our exams and we don’t give ourselves a chance to rest. It is very important for us to take personal time during our intense academic schedules to keep a clear mind. There are easy ways for us to take the time to sit back and relax and still be able to make high marks on our tests. These simple ways to relax and clear the mind are lifesavers:

1. Face Masks

This is an easy way to relax while reading and doing notes for an exam.

2. Yoga

Yoga is an excellent way to relax your body and uncurl from that stressful studying position.

3. Take a Walk

Taking a walk is one of the easiest ways to just step away from the stress of studying. It’s a great way to get in some exercise during exam week and to escape from the hustle and bustle of the books.

4. Listen to Relaxing Music

Although this may be something you already do, listen to some music that doesn’t have any lyrics. This makes studying for exams easier because you can focus on your material while listening to soothing music.

5. Have a Movie Night

Reward yourself for all the hard work you’ve accomplished!! Have a certain night throughout the week when you get together with your friends to just sit back and watch a good movie.

Hopefully these upcoming weeks won’t be too stressful, and if you find yourself getting overwhelmed just take the time to do a couple of these things and you’ll start to feel recharged and ready to show off how hard you worked!