Whether it is your freshman year or senior, midterms are the second most-dreaded week of the semester (right after finals). Sometimes you get lucky and a class does not have a midterm. Or sometimes they are take-home exams. Who does not love an open book exam? Either way, it is a week where you need to survive, but also thrive. This is what you are going to need, and the sooner you start, the better. Also, feel free the always pull this back up, you have enough, other information to memorize.

1. Caffeinated beverage of choice

Coffee, tea, iced coffee, Frapp, Coke, Mountain Dew, Pepsi, or anything of that source.

2. Quizlet or Flashcards

Flashcards can help you breeze through information. Quizlet can help you study. Fun fact, you might be able to find your class on there, or get everyone in the class together to make a large one for everyone to study. Either way, both are great ways to help you study!

3. Highlighters and/or colored ink pens

Marking down information to study or doing a study guide can suck, we all know it, but they are also life savers. Or even the notecards that your professors let you have. Add a pop of color, or just write in your favorite color.


I use an app called "Tide" to track my concentration. My goal: Don’t look at my phone until it goes off, or my mother or husband texts. It will play a light relaxing noise during your set time to if you want that. There are multiple apps that are of this sort, they are definitely worth checking out.

5. Refill your #1

Multiple times.

6. Set aside time to chill

Break times are not bad. You have to relax a little. Set an hour, 20 minutes, or however long your favorite show is. During this time, eat a meal, or just relax. You need it.

7. Make a study group

Studying in a group works for some people. If you are one of those people, make it happen, you will do better. You might even pick up on information that you missed in class.

8. Your favorite snack

Your favorite snack is your favorite because it makes you feel better, so go stock up.

9. Go to bed before midnight

Sleep helps you! I promise. The week prior, you should start practicing it. You will do better with a good night’s rest.

10. Lucky pen or pencil?

USE IT! Use your favorite pen or pencil. Even if you do bad, you enjoyed it.

11. Check batteries and bring chargers!

If you get to use a calculator check the batteries. Make sure it is not going to die in the middle of the exam. Same if you get to use your computer or tablet. Pick up your charger too! It is better to be safe than sorry!

12. If you haven't already, plan out your time with a calendar or agenda book, or whatever works best for you!

Set certain times to do things. If you have class from 9:00 to 10:30, plan your travel time, then plan your study time. You will feel less crammed.

13. Did I mention, refill your caffeinated beverage of choice?

Might as well.

14. The library is a great place

Use it to study, look up information, form a study group, really the options are endless. And if you are a study group person, it makes the perfect place to meet.

15. Make a to-do list.

I use Post–its, one for each class, and I also color code my agenda. Even a sheet of paper with everything spelled out. This is a way to make sure you get everything done that you needed to. Even throw on the other things you have to do, like laundry or grocery shopping.

16. If you haven’t done it yet, READ THE BOOK!

This should be something that you seriously do the whole time, but if you haven’t don’t it yet, better do it. Next time, don’t let it happen.


See explanation above.

18. Alarms!

Set alarms. If you need, set multiple. Get up early. Grab your caffeinated beverage of choice. And be there early. If you aren’t rushing, you won’t be as stressed.

19. Cookies from Insomnia

This one I have never tried, but it was recommended to me (go Taylor Helton!). Seriously, it is never a bad idea for some good treat food. She even mentioned delivery, so it's worth checking out! Who doesn't love cookies?

20. RELAX!

You will be better if you are not completely stressed out. As soon as your last exam is over; nap, binge watch some Netflix, eat, whatever you want! You made it through!

You'll make it!