How To Get Everything You Want In Life

How To Get Everything You Want In Life

We are all trapped. Here is the only way to truly free yourself and live in complete bliss.

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It is close to the end, we are falling apart. Love is the only thing that can save us. In our world today, there is an overwhelming amount of strife and confusion, all wrapped up in a constant state of fear. We fear ourselves, we fear each other, we fear our future. Most of us are trapped in between student loans, bills, jobs, and mountains of personal issues. Every human is silently suffering within their own cage, as if we all forget that we are all struggling with the same core problems, we only need to reach out and pull each other from our own personal hells. No one can do it alone. Free yourself from the mental slavery that plagues the human race, love. Open your heart and live in love. Never in fear.

God, the universe, Mother Earth, whatever you want to call it, is the force connects and interweaves all of us into each other. We are not separate. We are all part of a whole. Most of us are scared, running to find our place in this enormous world full of possibilities. But all you have to do is ask and you will receive. Prime your mind daily to achieve the goals you have set out for yourself, live in positive vibrations, and see what you attract. Many, including I, have experienced this beautiful fact. You attract what you believe and if you believe in yourself and your success while working toward it everyday, you will eventually be rewarded. Whatever connects us as human beings also connects us in love and if you operate in love, stamped with your own intentions, anything is possible.

With dedication, rational planning and willpower, you can achieve any goal. You just have to decide to be what you already are, it's as simple as that. It's your decision. You are a being of light capable of the greatest feats as long as you believe you are. You are not a victim of circumstance - you create the circumstance.Think positive and attract positive energy because it is the only way we can turn things around individually and collectively.

Our current system abolishes all of this. Most of us are living in separation and fear, in a society that teaches us to hate ourselves along with one another with systematic systems of hate (racism, sexism, nationalism). These phenomena were all things created to hold the masses back from realizing their true power. The divide us, distract us, abstract us, and encourage us to tear each other down via political parties and physical labels. Our power is in the unity that love brings, in us walking together, working together, and existing for the common good.

We all shine, even in the darkest times. It's simply about the way you look at it because it is all within the mind. Mind over matter. Chase your dreams and be yourself; that is the only way you can bring your singular energy into the world. Even though we all vibrate on different frequencies, and every vibration is just as important as the last and between all people. A beautiful global harmony can be attained if we all live in love and fully understand one another and ourselves. Only then will we all be unstoppable. We are all the same, before religion, race, and politics divided us all. Remove the separation and hold the hands of your brothers and sisters as we all march towards the light, together, as we should be. Learn to love unconditionally. Love yourself and those around you. Take a deep breath and feel the oxygen circulate through your body because life is beautiful.

The world is ours. Never forget that there can never be green grass without a little rain. I love you, I love us, and I love life because you are never alone. We are all walking this path together. Rise up!

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