How I Fulfilled My "New Year, New Me" Goal In 2018

How I Fulfilled My New Year, New Me Goal In 2018

On December 31st, 2017, I promised myself to try to be happier in 2018. Here's what I accomplished.

I started to improve my physical health

Listen, I am not one to work out. at all. When I started playing soccer in kindergarten, I quit the first week because I ran up to my mom crying about the sweat on my forehead. But I vowed to myself that I would start taking better care of my physical health in 2018, and now I am healthier and stronger than I have ever been before. I try to stay active every day (most of the time) while being mindful of what I'm eating, and oh boy, it has worked wonders.

I became more self-aware

I've suffered from anxiety pretty much my entire life. It's been hard to manage now that I'm on my own in college, but in 2018, instead of being self-critical, I started to set goals for myself. It's all about progress people!

I removed myself from toxic relationships

Friendships can be just as unhealthy as serious relationships. I experienced both in 2018, and I learned how important it is to put my happiness first, always. If you have experienced something similar, know that it's always okay to talk to someone about how you're feeling. You are important, and your feelings are valid.

I worked 24/7

School has always been my number one priority, and when I graduated from High School in 2018, I promised myself to push even harder in college. I have learned so much being in Architecture school. It has truly made me a better person all around.

I tried something new as often as possible

A year ago I hated coffee, tea and broccoli (weird combo, I know). Since I've started school, my entire being has been replaced by Starbucks coffee and matcha tea. Seriously, that stuff is so good. I started to love these things because I really did put in the effort to try something new. This doesn't just apply to beverages, either. I also tried yoga, fashion, and hiking!

I opened up

Throughout my life, I have deflected any and all serious conversations with humor. It was just so much easier to pretend like nothing was wrong rather than confront it. But I knew that I couldn't fulfill my wish of becoming happier if I continued this unhealthy approach. So, I started to talk about my problems. There's no shame in confronting your past, whether that means you talk to a therapist, a friend, or a family member. Just have a conversation.

I changed my appearance

I've had the same long, straight, dirty-blonde hair my whole life. I thought that after a good 18 years, it was time to switch things up. Mid-2018, I got some Zooey Deschanel bangs and auburn hair. Along with this, I started buying clothes at thrift stores, which really helped me find my style.

I decreased my screen time

A few times during the year, I gave up social media for a few weeks. Those breaks taught me how important it is to stay awake and active. I try to remind myself every now and then: "What will I remember and value more: aimlessly scrolling on Instagram all day or going outside to take my dog on a hike?" It works every time.

I explored the world

Now I am as broke--if not more broke-- than your average college student. On average, I have about $2.00 in my bank account... yeah. However, there are other ways to travel. It's sometimes best to travel locally! I started camping and driving in order to see more of my hometown.

I began to love myself

The hardest part of it all was trying to accept myself for who I am. There are days where I am positive, half-full and confident, but others where I want to burrito myself in a blanket forever. But I'm starting somewhere, and I am proud af of myself for it.

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