You’re sitting in orientation, you’re about to enter your freshman year of college, and you are scared but also SO ready to get away from your parents, and be on your own. Three years have now FLOWN by as if you took a quick 20-minute nap and woke up. BOOM, your college senior year is here buddy, and you have one year left to make the most out of it.

What’s actually scarier than freshman orientation is signing up for your last year in college classes. You are overwhelmed with emotions from the excitement of no longer having to worry about submitting a late assignment again, and also stressed to the max because you have to enter the "adult" world.

I know that you technically are considered an adult when you turn 18 years old, but I feel like you decide when it’s time to actually be an “adult.” I know some people that are in their late 40’s and still don’t act like an actual adult, so I think I’m good for a while.

Anyways, back to the frightening realization that I will soon be starting a career, but I then realized the ~awesome~ part about a career comes to the salary, the one thing that I went to college for. (& also have an excuse to drink obnoxiously with friends.)

That’s when I thought about all the memories I’ve made these past few years, and all the people I met throughout this anxiety-filled journey. I've crossed paths with some of the BEST of the BEST and will be forever grateful them.

As I sit there and reminiscence about the good ol’ days, that’s when it all hit me, mainly because I just called it the “good ol’ days.” Yes, nothing may compare to these wonderful drunken years of mistakes and fun, but I know that I can still continue to live an eventful life after college.

I tell myself that the future has just as good things coming my way, or even better. I can’t wait to see what pictures I’ll post in 2030 on my Facebook feed, or what city I’ll be living in, or what all my friends will be doing.

In the midst of it all, and as I hit the "enroll" button, I stop thinking so much about the future and make sure to live in the moment for the rest of my college experience.

Here’s to a great senior year, and to embrace it all.