Fall has always been a comforting season for me. The first cold snap of the season is the best because all my favorite things start. I love a good cool windy day after a long hot sizzling summer here in Mississippi. We do have trees that change colors in the fall. They are harder to find the further south you go, but they are beautiful. Living in Starkville is different than it was in Laurel, but both are beautiful in the fall.

Football is a big thing down south. We wrap in our school colors and brave the icy winds there maybe. Growing up and attending very competitive schools the fall was what everyone looked forward to. These days I still wear my Mustang pride in green and gold on Fridays and trade them for maroon and white for the Bulldogs on Saturdays while adding a cowbell for excitement.

When the middle of October comes it kicks off all the festivities of the Fall. The South Mississippi Fair rolls into town. The concerts, the rides, the little petting zoo and the food and the many rides on the Farris Wheel are the best at the fair. Mitchell Farms is another place that is a great place to be in the Fall. The Corn Maze is so much fun to walk though and the Sunflowers are beautiful. And running through “Mississippi Snow” (Cotton Fields) is also kind of fun to do.

On a cold Mississippi morning I love to have a good ole cup of coffee and be wrapped up in my favorite gray blanket and reading my daily devotion (In my perfect morning scenario). To be honest I have the real struggle of getting out of my side of the bed I have three warm and big blankets I love sleeping with and a mountain of pillows that a bury myself under. Than stubbing in the dark to grab some slip-on shoes and marching out into the cold to walk the dog before work and that wakes me up. After walking the dog, I normally craw back in bed scroll though Facebook for a few minutes than drink some coffee and read my devotion before heading out the door.

Picking out one of my many favorite sweaters, jeans, a warm cozy cardigan, and my pair of favorite riding boots and if it is freezing outside a scarf. There is just something comforting that fall clothing gives that just peaceful. Either me staying warm or the memories of growing up that gives a comfort and peace. Either though most of my fall clothes has a bunch of neutral colors such as black, grays, creams, and maybe a few colors like neutral pink, deeper greens, blues, and reds.

The bond fires on the cold nights huddled up in the many blankets is on the best type of relaxing on a Fall night. Big cup of coffee or hot cocoa and just star gazing is what I love to do. Or you can have a grand ole time with friends and roast hot dogs and s'mores. The comforts of fall are the best because I feel at home.