How Do I Create an Invention Idea
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How Do I Create an Invention Idea

It’s probably the most popular question we get asked here at inventhelp + Invent. In general, every great idea starts with things:

How Do I Create an Invention Idea


It’s probably the most popular question we get asked here at inventhelp + Invent. In general, every great idea starts with things:

1. It needs to solve a problem for a specific group of people.

2. The idea should be simple for the end-user.

So before you go about developing and manufacturing the invention, try to simplify the idea as much as possible. Focus on the one or two key features that your problem is solving.


It’s important to realize that, a simpler product allows the designers and engineers to focus on making one or two key features the best that they can possibly be. For this reason, a simple product is easier to manufacture which means fewer defects and most importantly, happier customers. That’s the key to coming up with great ideas for an invention .

How Can I Get Help with My Invention Idea?

You may be thinking, what can I do about my invention idea, and who can help me? We all know that developing an idea is a tasking process that can be a lot to uphold for one individual. Let me place this idea in your head, having an amazing team is the one-stop team for getting help with your invention idea in all aspects. Invent Help can do exactly that for you. As much as you can find mentorship within yourself, having a team of mentors who specialize in product development may be the goal of bringing home your idea.

Specialization & What invent help Can Do for You

At invent help we help you visualize the potential of your invention, what you are up against, and how to improve it. It is now time to map out your game plan, and your job is never over after the idea has been executed, and in fact, is it just the beginning? A lot of planning, motivation and hard work is required. A good team will just in fact make the process 10 times easier and more smooth sailing. Make sure to record all processes and protect yourself. Patent, NDA, don’t hesitate to take extra precautions to be safe.

At invent help you are in good hands, as our team of experts knows exactly how to help with your invention idea. Visualization is key, as it helps the client see their product come to life and see how they can further tweak or better their product. Designing your invention is the most time-wrenching, but fun process that requires the most work. 3D AND 2D concepts are the best ways to bring your product to life, and invent help do just that with 3D renderings, 2D drawings and sketches, prototyping, and more. 3D renderings are very eye-catching and super useful to show potential investors. Prototyping will help you evaluate the functionality, point out unique competitive advantages, and find those little sweet spots to make your product stand out. Never skip prototyping and keep rounds of it going to perfect your vision and prevent any errors.

Start Prototyping

To cut costs, ensure you use good quality designs to limit the number of prototypes you create. Whether you’re building the MVP version or a near-final prototype, these prototypes will help with an invention idea you begin your pitches to someone evaluating your idea.

This stage helps you test the functionality as well as locate any weaknesses/improvements to be made.

As a result, it’s imperative that you do not skip this stage. In fact, learning the importance and how to create an invention prototype will lead to more costly errors and potentially faulty products down the line, and no one wants that.

Patent Your Invention

You are ready to get serious now and apply for a patent.

We do recommend acquiring a provisional patent so your idea is protected for a 12-month trial first. Once you learn how to create an invention prototype, you have time for trial and error to market the product yourself before applying for a full patent.

The trial period gives you time to build credibility for your brand as well and helps you get your name out there.

That way, when you’re ready to sell the idea, your invention may be worth more to potential buyers.

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