How To Celebrate Galentine's Day

How To Celebrate Galentine's Day

Grab your girlfriends & celebrate the best holiday ever!!

We all know Valentine's Day is coming up because either our wallets are empty or we are mentally preparing for a night of binge-watching chick flicks and eating pizza. I've never understood all of the hype around Valentine's Day, but I love that there's a holiday that celebrates love so I shamelessly participate anyways! But one of the best parts of Valentine's Day is the day before, February 13th, Galentine's Day!

For those of you that don't know what Galentine's Day is, it's a day to celebrate all of the amazing women in your life and focus on the meaningful friendships that are, your girlfriends! So often we spend time focusing on dating and relationships and sometimes our girl time suffers because of everyone's crazy and hectic life. So take some time this Galentine's day and nurture and celebrate your female friendships and show some appreciation to the girlfriends that'll last you a lifetime!

Here are some ideas to help you celebrate one of the best holidays ever!!

1. Have a dance party

Grab your best friends and have a dance party! There's nothing like being goofy with your girlfriends and having fun! Go out or stay in, but crank up the music and let loose!

2. Do Karaoke

Your girlfriends don't care if you're tone deaf or not, so grab the mic and belt it out! Change it up from current pop songs to your favorite song in 2006, whatever it is, sing it loud!

3. At home spa party

Did someone say mani-pedis?! Have a spa party and pamper yourselves! Paint your nails, put on some face masks and relax while having some girl talk!

4. Bake some cookies and eat your heart out!

Bake some of your favorite foods and treats and eat to your heart's content, because your friends wouldn't take that piece of cake away from you!!

5. Watch as many cheesy romance movies as you want!

Gawk over all the cute guys and giggle every time he's on the screen because your friends will drool with you!! Plus, they won't care that you went through an entire box of Kleenex in one movie!

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Things You Should Do For Yourself This Valentine's Day

Whether you are single or in a relationship, don't forget to show yourself some love

It is almost Valentine's Day, the day of love. Some people love the day, some people hate it. Some people are in relationships, some people are single. Whether you are in a relationship or on your own this Valentine's Day, don't forget to show yourself some love. It is great to show yourself some love and appreciation once and awhile, and what better time to do so than on Valentine's Day?

Below are 10 things you can (and should) do for yourself this week.

1. Buy yourself chocolate covered strawberries

Really, get yourself whatever your favorite special treat is. Mine just happens to be dark chocolate covered strawberries (hint hint)

2. Take some time for yourself, just to relax and be peaceful.

Whatever you like to do on your own, whatever makes you feel calm, take time to do it. You deserve it.

3 Watch your favorite movie

That movie that you have been wanting to watch, that maybe no one else wants to watch? Watch it.

5. Enjoy a nice meal

Stop and pick up YOUR favorite meal. Everyone has one.

6. Take a bath

Nothing says rest, relaxation, and self-love like a long bath with music, candles, tea, and maybe even some chocolate.

7. Treat yourself to some ice cream

There is literally never a wrong time to eat ice cream.

8. Take a day trip

Go out somewhere new, somewhere exciting, somewhere different. You don't have to go far. You don't have to spend a lot of money. Just grab some friends or a significant other, and do something out of the ordinary.

9. Show love to someone else

Whether you do something nice for someone, give someone a hug, or smile at a stranger, just make sure to show some love to someone else. Nothing does the heart well like loving another.

I hope this Valentine's Day is your most love filled day yet, and that you show yourself the love you always should.

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The Butterfly Effect In Action: Unpredictable Weather And Their Not-So-Obvious Repercussions

We hope that the life of our hobbies and interest do not wither away in the face of weather, but all we can do is do our part and wait.

Winter is a fickle time of year in Boise, Idaho, especially with dramatic changes in climate during these recent years. In my personal experience over the past years, the snow, temperature, and humidity have varied quite a bit through the months of November through March, and its change has affected the local university quite a bit.

Boise, Idaho is located in a valley in the northwestern quadrant of America. It's location suits a dry yet seasonal climate with snow in the winter and triple-digit Fahrenheit numbers in the summer. Each are fantastic in their own aspects, especially when said climates have predictable schemes. Children adapt well to both conditions; either frolicking during 'snow days' when class is canceled, building snowmen and fighting snowball fights, or during the heated days of summer, running through the parks while they abuse their summer vacation days.

But college students hold dear to irregular schedules. The aura of stress is easily sensed throughout the campus, and the high strung emotions populate the classrooms and walkways alike. This intermediate period between childhood and adulthood is a fragile thing, one that is widely believed that a person has to grow into alone. Every little difficulty must be separated, contained, and eliminated; the proper steps must be taken to make sure that the goals, both long and short-term, and completed with efficiency.

Weather can easily devour the void of free time and work and with it dashes the hopes and dreams of a schedule. The necessity of timeliness in such an environment is crucial to anyone involved and it is expected to feel these effects during the more extreme seasons. However, with the rapid and unpredictable changes, the complaints have been going around: early allergy season, the epidemic throughout January, and the plans canceled due to sudden weather changes.

To a college student, these minor infractions of change can mean horrible disaster in the schedule of another. Considering the early coming of spring weather mixed with the occasional frost to kill plants, the growth of said plants isn't exactly ideal. Considering the lack of temperature and the heavy onset of the inversion layer in the valley, the snow sports have been lackluster at best, while we enviously watch the 2018 Olympics.

Considering the difficulties of the Green House Effect, we hope that the life of our hobbies and interest do not wither away in the face of weather, but all we can do is do our part and wait.

Cover Image Credit: Unsplash

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