A boss lady is a self-loving queen, a rebel and a big-hearted woman who recognizes her worth in all situations. Every girl wants to become a boss lady and every girl has the potential to be a boss lady.

There are some key characteristics that every boss lady has, which elevates her energy and allows her to have grace even in the most challenging circumstances. Here are 10 critical traits of a boss lady:

1. She lifts her fellow women up.

A confident and mature woman can find the beauty in all women around her and not feel threatened. Rather than comparing herself to others or feeling the need to put other women down, she will uplift the women in her life without hesitation. A boss lady does not compete with other women because she knows that we are all unique and absolutely beautiful in our diversity. No man will ever cause a boss lady to insult a fellow woman or feel threatened by another woman.

2. She takes care of herself.

A boss lady values her health and sets aside time to work out or take fitness classes that she enjoys. A boss lady will eat well (the majority of the time), stay hydrated and make sure that she is treating her body with love throughout the week. The self-care also means adequate sleep, allotting time to relax and finding some kind of therapeutic outlet (spirituality, art, sports, etc.). She is confident in her own body and loves herself exactly as she is.

3. She isn’t afraid to be wrong.

A boss lady knows that she doesn’t know more than she does know. She is hungry for knowledge, speaks up in class and takes calculated risks to push herself toward growth. A boss lady does not have all the answers and is self-aware enough to know that. She desires a life-long education, remains humble and is not afraid of making mistakes. A boss lady who truly values her education will ask questions in class and speak up.

4. She knows her values.

A boss lady has her convictions and will stick by her moral code. Possessing confidence and strong values, a boss lady is not easily swayed by the opinions of others in her life. She will respect herself and everyone she comes into contact with, act with kindness and will continue to be the woman that she is in her heart and soul.

5. She cares for others.

Every boss lady needs to recognize the importance of care for those around her. Without compassion, empathy and the desire to have a positive effect on the world around her, a woman is not a boss. A boss is not consumed by her ego, image or materialistic advances. A boss lady will be an advocate for others and will find ways to be involved in helping others by investing her time and heart to whatever causes that she is passionate about.

6. She appreciates her blessings.

That means the boss lady gives gratitude to her family and her mentors, and constantly is reminding herself of all of the gifts that she was given. The boss lady does not allow herself to take a single day for granted and is aware of all of the privileges that she is given. A boss lady will use her blessings to continue working to make those around her happier and healthier.

7. She is a loyal friend.

A boss lady does not talk ill of her friends. A boss lady knows how to forgive friends and is aware and works on her own shortcomings in any friendship. A boss lady is a supportive friend, a non-jealous friend and a friend that knows how to listen without judgement. A boss lady knows that her friends are not her competition and loves to see her friends succeed.

8. She is self-reliant.

A boss lady can go it alone if she needs to. A boss lady is not afraid to spend time with herself. She will never rely on a man for validation or for comfort. A boss lady has the confidence and strength to be independent and recognizes the value in that quality. No boss lady will wait on a man who disrespects her, be petty over the past or will over-identify with the man in her life. Instead, she will demand respect, remain independent and build her partner up with an open heart.

9. She is always looking for opportunities to grow.

A boss lady knows how to turn adversity into opportunity. Through positivity and problem-solving skills, a boss lady is able to make the changes that she needs in her life and loves seizing any opportunity for growth that she can. She is not afraid to ask for help, to reach out to others and to seek out avenues to expand her skill sets, career and network. The boss lady isn’t afraid to hustle and work hard for what she wants. In fact, she loves the feeling of earning success and being active.

10. She doesn't let other's judgements keep her down.

Unfortunately, some people love to see other people struggle. Once you start doing well for yourself, you will become aware of who has the best intentions for you. Watch who supports you, who fades out of your life and how people act more than they speak. A boss lady rises above gossip, doesn’t concern herself with rumors and is able to move past the negativity that people might throw her way. Ultimately, the boss lady knows her truth and no one can take that away from her.

Blessings to all my boss ladies. May we rise together and continue to lift each other up with authenticity, love and genuine appreciation for each others spirits.