Technology is amazing. It is constantly evolving, creating an easier way of life. It is astounding to see how in such a short time, our world has been able to develop ways to manufacture goods quickly in mass quantities, make communication across the world easy, and search any information about anything on the world wide web. Even one generation ago, some of the achievements would be questionable and doubted. However, in our constant strive for better technology, our world is blinded to see the negative consequences it may bring to the new generations.

As a millennial, I am in constant contact with electronic devices. When I’m home, I have my computer. When I’m out, I have my phone. These devices never leave my side. As more apps on my smartphone connect with stores, banks and other companies, there is no need for the usual accessories, such as a bag or a wallet. If I just have my phone, anything is possible. My phone is my life.

In instances such as studying or working, I try to pull myself away from my phone – but I can’t help myself. I see myself reaching for my phone to quickly check the new Instagram post or the snapchat I received. I am addicted. For our generation, we are constantly contacting each other and updating our lives on social media. This is the way we interact. This is the way we are. However, should we stop for a moment and question if this is safe? Is it really okay for someone to stare into a screen for most of the day, scrolling through Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc.?

As revolutionary as all of these changes may be, I think we should take a step back, away from all of the innovations and advancements, and look at the bigger picture. Technology is obviously a huge part of our world today; however, maybe society should put a little more emphasis on the beauty that surrounds us in nature and with the people we love. It should be more promoted to put the phone down and have more human interactions to enjoy each other’s companies. This is something I have come to struggle with myself and as I begin to see the negative side effects it plays in my life, I am making an effort to put away the screens to just enjoy the little things in life.