How Is Everything?

How Are You?: One Of The Most Important Questions To Ask

Is everything okay?


"How are you?" "What's going on?" Those are both two very simple questions, but yet they hold so much meaning and can impact someone forever.

Although they are very simple and easy questions to ask, we don't ask them enough. Why is that? Maybe it's because we don't want to invade their personal space or we don't know if we can handle what they may tell us. So we let them go, continue doing what they're doing, and assume they're okay.

As someone who has been the one who was asked a form of these questions in one of my darkest moments, I needed nothing more than to be asked. Being asked that question gave me someone to open up to and someone to express what I was and had been dealing with that very few people knew about. I was depressed, stressed, confused, lost, hurting, lonely and just needed someone.

Regardless of any reasons why not to ask, there are so many more important reasons why you should ask. Whether it's because you don't want to get involved, don't want to invade their personal space, don't agree with certain things they do or decisions they make, don't want to hurt their feelings, don't think they will respond, or anything else, they need that so much more than you realize.

When no one asks it makes you feel like no one cares; there is nothing lonelier than feeling like no one cares when you are in a dark place. If I would not have been asked, who knows what would have happened or how much darker that dark place would've gotten.

I thank the Lord all the time that that person asked because, at the time, no one else was. Never fail to ask because it is so much more than a question.

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For My Friend Who Made Me Feel Like A Burden When My Mental Health Was Deteriorating

And to a hypocritical ex-friend.


Dear Jessie,

I really thought you were my best friend in high school.

We spent a lot of time together at school and outside of school, getting into deep conversations and bonding. We'd go shopping on the weekends or chill at your house and paint and watch "Friends".

But apparently, I was wrong about you.

You cut me off as a friend freshmen year of college for no reason.

You judged me based on someone else's opinion, decision, and experience. And I wasn't even in the wrong. Adam was my boyfriend before Sierra's, and she was dating someone else anyway.

Apparently, you also spoke badly about me behind my back and had the audacity to say that I talked badly about you behind your back, when I didn't. I think the only bad thing I said was that your little sister was annoying, which you also said yourself.

I never talked badly about your religious beliefs, and whoever you heard that from was wrong. And I'm 95% sure it was Jacquie who told you or started that rumor. Come on, she tried to break you and Sierra's friendship, and everyone's friendships, because she was a petty, jealous brat and you know that!

Honestly, I think all of this was just an excuse to get rid of me and our friendship. And I think you especially did this because my mental health wasn't so great. I was depressed a lot and you treated me and my condition like a burden.

Which wasn't fair; you had depression and anxiety and I was always there for you. Never once did I treat you like a burden.

You made me out to be the bad guy Jessie. You refused to admit your own mistakes, and instead falsely pointed the finger at me.

And for that, I will never forgive you.

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