How Animals See Colors Compared to Humans

How Animals see Colors Compared to Humans

Thinking about colors we can't see will give you a head ache...

Humans can only see colors that have light waves that fall within the visible light spectrum, between 400 and 600 nanometers. We have three types of cones in our eye to help detect the different colors. Butterflies on the other hand have 15 different photo receptors, and some other animals in between!


1. Dogs


Dogs can only see two colors! Far from the full color spectrum, their view of the world may be more pastel like than ours.

2. Bees


Bees can see blue, green and infared light. When heat is released in an object, for example sweat, or just heat exiting, that shows as infared light. So basically, bees can see heat! How cool is that!?

3. Butterflies


Along with photo receptors that can perceive visual light waves, butterflies can also see Ultraviolet waves. It may appear glowing to them, sort of like invisible ink!

Overall, this world is full of amazing creatures who see things in ways we could never imagine. It's so incredible to think of all the different ways this world can be viewed in. No matter how we perceive the world, we need to embrace the beauty that it brings into our lives no matter what.

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