How AI-Powered Recruitment Software Increases Diversity In Hiring
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How AI-Powered Recruitment Software Increases Diversity In Hiring


How AI-Powered Recruitment Software Increases Diversity In Hiring


New research highlights the growing market for artificial intelligence-enhanced hiring tools. These hiring tools are used for processing large volumes of job applicants and circumvent human biases while eliminating discrimination from hiring.

Job-recruiting tools that claim to employ AI to weed out gender and race biases might not increase diversity in hiring and could, in fact, entrench these prejudices, researchers at Cambridge University argue on Sunday, casting the programs - which is becoming controversial.

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Does AI Recruitment Software Increase Diversity?

A growing number of companies are turning to AI-powered software to sift through existing candidate databases or applications and analyze candidates. This is an effort to improve diversity and find a better cultural fit for employers.

On paper, with AI-powered hiring processes, you can effortlessly make more diverse hires, which is crucial for organizations committed to diversity and inclusivity. Fortunately, AI-powered hiring platforms like Unnanu can help you find the perfect candidate and completely eliminate the biases a recruiter may hold. The AI hiring process has strong technologies and specialized algorithms to help search resumes using contextual weighted keywords.

Does an AI-powered Hiring Solution Increase Diversity?

AI-powered technologies can help recruiters to automatically scan, source, and filter thousands of resumes within seconds. This means an AI-powered hiring platform innovatively helps recruiters by analyzing job descriptions simply by using contextually weighted keywords required for a job.

Will AI Actually Decrease Diversity Hiring?

On paper, an AI-powered Hiring solution always increases diversity, however, in reality, it becomes how the user uses the tool. These AI tools are powerful and have filtration capabilities. If a hiring manager uses this power to find only one type of candidate and hire one demographic of candidate, say, only those who graduated from a certain college or have a certain skill or connection, then there is a chance for discrimination by user error.

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The Future of HR and Hiring Departments

Recruiting teams are now able to harness the power of AI with tools that help them source, screen, and hire top candidates. AI recruiting tools can help get the right jobs to the right candidates and, eventually, to the right teams for a business.

With AI recruiting, recruiters can recruit the best talent, automate hiring workflows, paying attention to the candidate's experience, and improve the hiring quality. In today’s tight talent marketplace, recruiters can move faster and hire the best talent in a fraction of the time, nurturing the hiring process with AI in the early steps in the hiring process.

With an AI hiring platform such asUnnanu Hire, recruiters can enhance candidate experiences, making applications shorter and mobile-friendly. This way, recruiters do not trigger any hiring biases and are able to recruit talented, skilled employees with ease.

Which, in the end, creates a faster timeline for hiring, decreases bias, and increases ITSAC. The focus is not on accelerating hiring (although that is probably going to happen); it is on expanding the pool of talent and making sure that diverse candpidates are not blocked when making it through the hiring pipeline.

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