How A Healthcare Payment Company Aims to Improve Customer Experience
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How A Healthcare Payment Company Aims to Improve Customer Experience

The announcement follows the trend that other payment companies have taken to increase payment services during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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RevSpring's recent acquisition of Loyale, the patient financial engagement technology platform, has allowed the company to launch an integrated payment facilitation program.

The announcement follows the trend that other payment companies have taken to increase payment services during the COVID-19 pandemic.

RevSpring, known for providing merchant services such as patient engagement and payment solutions, announced that Loyale's mature program of payment facilitation will underpin RevSpring's expanded and enhanced services.

In a press release announcing the expansion of their offerings, RevSpring president of payments Steve Callis said "We are very excited as we continue to leverage Loyale's capabilities for the greater RevSpring marketplace."

Other healthcare technology companies and SEO companies, such as YEAH! Local, aim to ease the often confusing and stressful patient-provider experience, by providing digital platforms for scheduling, appointment reminders, and check-in and registration procedures.

But RevSpring's acquisition of Loyale, and the subsequent enhancements to their merchant offerings, will focus on incentives to providers and customers, such as increased efficiency in the payments process.

"Providers have differing needs when it comes to payment processing, and being able to onboard our Merchant Services' clients quickly by taking advantage of Loyale's payment facilitator program rounds out our Merchant Services offering and allows us to offer the optimal solution to meet the payment objectives of each client," said Callis.

RevSpring says that combining their comprehensive and scalable services with Loyale's programs will make RevSpring's merchant solutions more robust for all types of providers, including health care systems and customers.

The argument of interchanging "patients" with "customers" has been an intellectual debate in recent years.

The debate centers around whether healthcare can be considered a "market", wherein a "customer" makes choices, as opposed to healthcare as a service that is provided to patients to enrich their lives.

But RevSpring's market leading patient engagement services, which include full integration into providers electronic health records (EHR), is more focused on streamlining patient-provider communications.

And some experts, such as Geeta Wilson, CEO of Consumer Society, say that improving a customer's experience, such as simplifying communications, is a concept that transcends across all industries, as customers become more tech-savvy and have higher expectations of service providers.

The newest RevSpring offering, which included the announcement of Settlement-Based Reconciliation, might fit that bill.

RevSpring's director of payments, Dennis Haugie, said that automated reconciliation benefits everyone involved, including customers.

"Not only does RevSpring Settlement-Based Reconciliation reduce the time needed to reconcile payments, it's easier and more accurate than manual reconciliation work," said RevSpring director of payments, Dennis Haughie. "We're confident customers will also appreciate the improved posting visibility, operating efficiencies and increased employee productivity made possible by our automated reconciliation service."

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