I can understand why some people are not a fan of horror movies. Some people don’t like the jump scares, the tension, the serial killers, or the nightmares that are bound to haunt their dreams for the next week. However, horror movies can be the best actual Netflix and Chill (no dirty stuff) date for those couples who can handle the frights!

Netflix has hundreds of options for horror movies, and not all of them are good, but the beauty of these dates is that they don’t have to be. The terrible, 1-star horror flicks can often be the best for these dates. Think about it: bad special effects, cliché characters and deaths, predictable plots, and bad guys who are either the best ever or the absolute worst. These are all ingredients for the recipe of a good time. There is so much to make fun of and laugh about. The blonde gets her head cut off? She did it to herself. The bad guy came up with an elaborate plan to kill them all that actually makes sense? Kudos, bro! You deserve this victory. Is it blatantly obvious that the fake limbs are actually fake? Wow, low budget much? Come on, dude; you didn’t even try. The snarky comments and dripping sarcasm are fueled endlessly by everything wrong or funny about the films as they attempt to scare the crap out of you. Who doesn’t want hours of laughing with their loved ones over failed acting careers and poor productions?

Putting aside the 1-star films, then there are the 3-star ones. You know, the ones that keep you in suspense throughout the film and leave you in a state of perpetual, “What?” immediately at the end? These aren’t nearly as fun as the 1-star films, but they can actually give you a good scare or two and you can at least appreciate the effort put in to create a decent horror concept. Don’t get me wrong, these films can still bring in the humor of 1-star films; they aren’t perfect clearly by the mediocre rating. The bad guys can still be stereotypical or the characters unoriginal, and the entire plot is not smooth. There is plenty of material to joke about, so these films are equally great for a Netflix and mac & cheese date night.

Lastly, we got the 4-5 star gems. These ones give you the real nightmares, and that can either be frightful or enjoyable depending on your couple. They aren’t all humor free, so there is still material for jokes and sarcasm, but there will be a lot more hard cuddling and covers over your head in these films. There are disgusting scenes and the special effects show real hard work was put into the production of the film. Prepare to evade your eyes and scream out in general disgust together, almost equally as enjoyable for a night in with Netflix.

The next time you and a special someone have no plans but to stay in for the night, try adding a little horror to your relationship. It’s bound to bring a little extra fun to your night together.