Hoping For A Dream To Come True!

Everyone has a bucket list and some of the things that are on the list may or may not have been achieved. Many people want to travel to exotic or interesting places, meet famous celebrities from T.V. shows, or become successful in a profession. My bucket consist to all of the listed topics above. I would love to do all of my desired wishes in my future but of course, some may never happen and some will happen.

I would love to travel around the world to make an impact on society and to help those who truly need, The places where I definitely want to go to are Australia and to go back to the Dominican Republic. I would go in a heartbeat to go back and help build another house for a family who practically lives in a tent, or a house with its roof caving in, or their windows are hanging off by the hinge. When I went down to the Dominican Republic and saw what kind of conditions that they were living in I knew that I want to make an impact in someone’s life. I would love to go to Australia just to be a tourist, and to see the country.

If, I had the chance to meet the cast of Grey’s Anatomy my life would be complete. I love the show. I guess what makes me like this show so much is because I volunteered in the ER department of the hospital and loved it. I also like the show because it consists of diverse characters with different backgrounds such as Scottish, British, South Korean, Mexican and other ethnicities. I love all of the characters they are like a second family to me and I literally will do anything to get the chance to meet them and to be on set with them. I would also love to go backstage behind the scene at a Broadway musical on Broadway that would be so cool such as Wicked, or Waitress (which I am dying to see).

I would also like to have a job as a social worker somewhere in California or in NYC. My passion is to help people who are in great need of help and who will benefit greatly from my work. I believe that all people especially kids should be treated fairly to grow up in a loving household. I want to help protect kids and do anything to get them away from an abusive family or put them with who I think is stable enough to care for the child this why I want to become a social worker. I want to make an impact on people and their lives. I want to make the world a better place.

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