Poetry On Odyssey: To A Hopeful Generation

Hush now, don't you cry...

Everything will be just fine-

You won't realize when it begins, but the timing is upon us.

The separation of the machine we called dependence is dying fast.

The youth of today are now the leaders of tomorrow,

As they strut their hips and shake their fists at the sky of a lost generation.

I refuse to believe our generation is at a lost cause,

For you and I are the dreamers of tonight and leaders of tomorrow.

The struggling lives I've lived has shaped me-

To be the man my father would have never sought out to be, neither my brother.

The days of 19 has fallen beneath me, as the days of adulthood has risen me.

As I grab my brush, I paint my future with a path that would one day lead by example.

I may be young, but I know I could achieve.

So I say as a young person who's never lost hope.

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