A firefighter is someone who willingly helps others. It takes courage, decision-making, seriousness, and honor. A firefighter is also someone who isn’t afraid to take risks and be around others. Being a firefighter is not the easiest thing to do sometimes. You see, hear, and smell things that are unimaginable. Whether it is a volunteer fire company or a paid one, we do the same job. That job is to help others. The firefighter’s prayer is certainly on point with the job that comes with the title of “firefighter.” It is a lot of work, but in the end, it is definitely worth it.

Firefighters are the people that you call when your property is on fire and you can’t control it. We are the people who are called when car accidents happen. We are there when unplanned disasters happen. The police and ambulances are there as well in these instances. No matter gender, female or male or other, you can be a firefighter. Even if you do not want to be a firefighter, there are other positions in a fire company that you can do.

The part that most people are unable to do is if death occurs at a call. No one wants to see it happen, but sometimes, we can’t help it. We hate to see it happen as well. All of us try our best to help anyone. Sometimes that just isn’t enough and it’s horrible that it is that way. There are times where it can be unbearable to see these things, especially if it is your family, friends, co-workers, etc. It is just something that happens, that we cannot control.

Personally, if you were to ask me if I wanted to be a firefighter ten years ago, I would have said probably not. My opinion has definitely changed. Although I am only 19, I have seen things that other people would not bear to see. Currently I am a firefighter at Summerhill Fire Company. I am the only woman firefighter. I enjoy it, honestly. The men at the fire company have become like another family to me. I have become close to my firefighting family. They are absolutely people that I love to be around. We joke around and have a good time. On calls, we are serious about doing our jobs. I am absolutely one hundred percent honored and proud to be a firefighter at such an amazing fire company. I would not change anything.