Climate change, habitat degradation, pesticides, and air pollution are among the many different factors causing bees to die in numbers like never before. We, as humans, are responsible for a great amount of these environmental crises. Now, don't feel threatened, I'm not saying that honeybee endangerment is specifically your fault. However, this issue is quite serious, and its consequences could be massive. It is mainly caused by corporate pollution, greed, and carelessness towards wildlife preservation.

What is at risk?

Agriculture. Bees pollinate a great majority, 70%, of the top 100 human food crops. A depletion in the pollination source is dangerously detrimental to the state of agriculture worldwide. Without pollination, we lose 90% of the planet's nutrition. You are not immune to this ecological risk; not solving it could mean less food on your plate at the end of the day. Bees are crucial in produce.

Honeybee life. I know you might not care about bees, seeing as you aren't one. However, this mindset is dangerous. If we push off the wellbeing of non-human species, we are putting many species at risk of extinction or endangerment. We have the ability to utilize renewable energy, however we continue to have war over oil.

What can be done?

Put your voice behind banning the use of synthetic pesticides. Pesticides are the largest human-related cause of the honeybee collapse, and using them has proven to be harmful on a few different facets. Farmers apply these chemicals to keep weeds and pests from destroying their supply, which is understandable. However, when this proves to be a burden to the health of pollinating species and to the humans who later consume the crops, the usage of pesticides clearly needs to be reviewed.

Stop habitat degradation. As we destroy the habitats of indigenous species to build new infrastructure, we are contributing to the collapse of honeybees. With less vegetation, there is less pollination, and consequently less food on your plate. Habitat destruction threatens the well being of not only honeybees, but basically any other specie within the area.

Change the system. Pay attention next time you go grocery shopping. Look for organic, non-genetically modified produce. Shop through a local organic farmer's market rather than a large commercial grocery store. By cutting consumer funding to the pro-synthetic pesticide industry, there will be less habitat destruction, economic greed, and loss of bee life. Pay attention to the current U.S. presidential election, look for the candidate who most firmly supports eco-political reform (hint: it's a 74-year-old socialist Jew).

The larger picture

Politically, this issue contributes to the multi-faceted environmental issues facing our planet currently. If you're flummoxed at the idea that greedy corporations are greatly contributing to the degradation of the planet, it's time to learn. This is an existential crisis that must be confronted today. The damage inflicted from this is, in some cases, irreversible. Unless we reform our reliance on oil and gas, we are environmentally fucked. This isn't just relevant to the honeybee endangerment, it is an overarching issue that is ubiquitous in the health of other indigenous species, global warming, factory farming, deforestation, and many more issues. I urge you to take this matter seriously. The impending consequences are immense.

Join Greenpeace in taking action to reform environmental legislation.