You Look For Someone With Honesty And Humility But Can't Even Be It Yourself

Character traits are just another way to define yourself as a human being, we all have certain beliefs and traits that we value and honor. As we grow up, our environments shape and define the norms of what we believe in, what we look up to, and why we idolize the people we do. We grow up listening to stories where the heroes are brave, humble, and honest and we are told these stories in hopes that we gain perspective and learn to demonstrate those traits within ourselves.

As we grow older, we start to ask ourselves what we want and expect from others, and its always those same traits. We want to find someone who has a good sense of themselves, who demonstrates honesty and humility, but how many of us actually exemplify those traits ourselves? How do we expect to find other people that posses those strong characteristics that we look up to if we don't even hold them? Personally, I believe today's culture has learned to be okay with settling in life, that being mediocre and not having to try to be a semi-decent person just makes them look weak to the rest of the world. When did we all get that twisted idea?

We don't want to express honesty, humility, compassion or love because that would make us look weak, but we do want to wonder and feel sorry for ourselves when we can't find others that exemplify honest, humility, compassion or love. Scroll through your Twitter timeline and you'll see hundreds of tweets how guys want that good girl that has her life together and doesn't go out, or girls want that good guy thats honest and sweet. Do you all realize you have to be that person to find that person? I have met guys that tweet that they want that girl thats only loyal to them, yet I call them out on talking to multiple girls while trying to talk to me. How do you expect to find that girl that's going to only want to put her guard down for you, when you can't even promise her safety, that she is the only one. Many girls tweet about wanting to find a guy to cherish them, but can't model compassion or humility to adore others and gain that love.

We all spend so much time looking for other people that have honesty and humility, but we can't spend the time to be that ourselves. I don't know when it became cool to be that guy that doesn't ever have to be honest or sincere or be that girl that never holds compassion or humility, but it is a lot easier to find what you are looking for when you are it yourself. Let's change the trend. It's not cool to be dishonest and distant, it's so much more attractive when you can posses compassion and a true heart.

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