Honesty Hour

Honesty Hour

Breaking down walls about the things that matter most.


I don't want to hear something impressive. I want to hear something real; especially in a world of one-sided friendships, perfectly edited posts, and everyone trying to keep it together. You need it for you. I need it for me. We need it for us. The shallow end has very little to offer us in the long run. One day at a time, little things and small words will add up to big victories and greater progress.

You will get there and I will too.

Lately, I can't stop thinking how God wants me to stop running and start living; even in the here and now. Even in the uncertainty of this season. Even in the pain. Even in unexpected circumstances and timing of my life.

It is in the here and now that He is working and using things—hard things—to change me and you. Situations can cause my life to truly begin now or make me quit. The choosing is up to me.

There are little victories in life that we hardly stop to notice. Progress is happening every single day. You got up. You called a friend. You reached out to someone. You were gentle with yourself. You ate well and took good care of your body. You replaced your negative thoughts with positive ones. You prayed and read when you'd rather sleep more. You said no and you said yes to things. You asked for help when you needed it. You did what you've been putting off. You showed up. You gave it your best. You didn't do everything, but you did something. Don't give in to the thought that you can't or admit defeat. Keep going and celebrating. Just keep going.

Keep going when the nights are dark and long, make you believe all sorts of lies.

Keep going when you think you'll never recover from that heartbreak or forget him.

Keep going when your person is no longer your person, and you've had to move on without a piece of yourself.

Keep going when others don't support or celebrate you like they should.

Keep going when you lose that precious friend or family member to cancer, suicide, or illness.

Keep going when you don't want to trust anyone anymore and you find yourself not even knowing how to.

Keep going when your expectations go unmet and hope seems only like a glimmer.

Keep going when you have failed and your dreams have been broken into tiny, shattered pieces.

Keep going even when you don't want to acknowledge the pain surrounding you.

Keep going when you're struggling to stay or see beauty in your tomorrow.

Write down your daily victories and watch as you begin to be able to look back at all the progress you have made. Everyday that you are living and fighting is worth celebrating. I've started to write small hope notes too—reminders to keep alive and hold onto even when we don't feel like it.

1: I hope you know this is not the end. There is more to life than what you know now. Light is on the other side of this; sometimes you just have to fight to see it.

2: Even if it is just a glimmer you see of hope each day, hold onto it. You need it for yourself. You need help to go on when you think there is no way you can. You can and you will just you wait and see.

3: Stay and keep choosing to stay; even when happiness looks far away and your world is a dark, thick fog. Or when everything seems to be big, unclear, moving fast, and you are full of fear. You will not be left behind. Staying is hard, but worth it, because diamonds come from pressure.

4: Wherever you're at, know that this is not where your story ends. You're on a page and maybe feel stuck in a particular chapter, but not for good. Not everything lasts forever; in fact, very few things actually do. Keep putting one foot in front of the other and do the next thing. Before you know it, you will be turning the page to another chapter. There can be another ending besides the one you know by heart.

5: What others say of you, think of you, and even what they do to you doesn't change the masterpiece that you are. Not everyone will see you for who you really are, but those that do will see a heart of gold.

Remember, you and I will make it—one victory at a time. Keep hope alive for yourself and the person next to you. Let's be real, honest, and present for each other in doing the thing this year!

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5 Thoughts Certified Jonas Brothers Addicts Had While Watching 'Chasing Happiness'

And you probably did, too.


We all know the Jonas Brothers are back, and with them comes a fabulous documentary about their lives. Here are some of the thoughts I had while watching it.

1. Kevin met Danielle really early


Like, before "Camp Rock" early.

2. Nick was a lot younger in "Camp Rock" than I thought


Like, a baby. It's crazy.

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We're so much more alike than I thought.

4. It's no wonder they broke up


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8 Things Only Your Long-Distance Best Friends Will Understand

We can always choose to be stronger than the miles in between us.


A few days ago, I packed up my suitcase from my best friend's place in Florida after visiting for a long weekend. I always think it's going to be just a little easier leaving this time than the last, but it never is. We seem to have a better time than the last one. Our dates on the calendar come slowly, but our time together goes by way too fast. Soon I found myself holding my people close, then standing in the airport alone crying my eyes out because I already missed my best friends.

Because I have far away friends, I always have someone special to visit and a guaranteed good time. It's exciting to not only to make memories at home with them but also at their college and other places as well. People go to college, graduate school, pursue dreams, get jobs, tie the knot and eventually settle down. We can either lose our long-lasting friendships, or we can choose to fight a little harder to remain close. I choose the second; not because it's easy or convenient, but because it's worth it.

Life often takes people across the city, across the state or even across the world from us.

1. People underestimate the power of a phone call.

Miles in between you and connection problems can make talking face to face impossible, but your person is always just a phone call away. Even if you can't see their face and expressions, there is nothing quite like hearing their voice on the other end of the line. It's almost like you are right there with them when you come together to talk about what is going on in your lives. There is nothing that says two friends can't spend time together and hang out, even if it's not physically.

2. Out of sight doesn't have to mean out of mind

I am not close geographically to "my people" but they are still close to my heart. I will continue to invest in them if they are five minutes away or five-hundred miles. It makes no difference because we are more than the miles between us. My friends have boyfriends, girlfriends, parents, jobs and some even have kids. Your friend may have a boyfriend or girlfriend, parents, jobs, kids and tend to get distracted by everything around them. This is normal to let your everyday life consume your thoughts, but you can make room to let other things enter your mind too.

Have things around your place to remind you of them, set reminders to check on them and get into a habit of catching up with people while doing chores or going somewhere. There are a few people I try to text on the daily — sometimes it's me reminding them I'm thinking about them, something random I saw that made me smile or telling them good morning. Every phone call, text and attempt at putting in the effort will make you two just a little closer than you were before.

3. It's tough to not be there when you really need and want to

Time passes and the other person can begin to change. It can be difficult to find common ground after you've been away for a while and your lives are two separate worlds. It can be easy to lose touch without intentionality, hard work and commitment. Keep the lines of communication and honesty open. Show up and be fully present. You both deserve the friendship to be genuine and prioritized.

Far-away-friends give missing people a whole new meaning. It's hard when you can't be there for every birthday, graduation, break-up, celebration and bad day. But, even between the hundreds of miles, time zones and missed ice cream dates, they are still your person. At the end of the day, it doesn't matter because you would do anything for this person and to keep your friendship with them. Long distance is worth it to still call someone your best friend.

The best stuff is always difficult. It sometimes takes longer. But you're deserving of people and people are deserving of you. Don't hold back or isolate based on past fear or that one time it didn't go so well. Pick yourself up and make the next hard move towards people. Towards abundance. Towards a life outside the lines. You've got this. I believe so fiercely in you — Hannah Brencher

4. You don't have to talk every day to be close.

We don't have to talk every single day. Sometimes it's not possible with college, jobs, family, other friends and just life in general. It gets so busy, but the right ones make time for you whether it's on their commute, the weekend or at the end of a long day. When you do long distance with someone, you usually can know pretty quickly if they are one of the rare ones you may not come across in life again.

The smallest things often make the most impact — a text, quick phone call so they can hear your voice, hand-writing a letter (the way to my heart) or a video call while you both study. Tag each other in posts and send each other selfies or other pictures. I don't know about you, but it makes me happy to see a notification from one of "my people," knowing they were thinking of me miles away.

5. Staying is a choice.

Reality is what happens when we make ourselves come back to earth instead of running through space. I think we all want to run sometimes because we get too overwhelmed to stay. Just keep walking and you'll see this place is full of others just like us. Choosing to stay somewhere tough can be the hardest thing, but rewarding. There may be no hugs, regular hangouts or a hundred texts in between phone calls. But your person is still your person, even a thousand miles away.

6. You don't want to waste the time you have.

Your energy and time are valuable things. You get to decide where it goes. Try to focusing less on doing things and more on people you know will fill you and encourage others. We only get one chance at this life of love. It's all a choice we get to make. You can share the pain, but also some of the biggest joys with another person that you choose no matter the distance between you.

7. Nothing is the same as being face to face

You can hear the person's voice on the other line, see them on video chat, read each other's words over and over through letters and share thoughts in between through text. But nothing comes even close to sitting next to them, even in silence doing nothing. You can hear their voice. You can see their face. You can talk to them (and they can talk back to you) in real time; no delay. Every time I am face to face with my person, there is nothing like it and I just want to be present in every moment.

8. You have never missed anyone as much before

I never expected to be "that one" losing it in the airport. No one mentally prepares you for what it's going to feel like when you part ways and don't know when next time will be. I keep thinking of my favorite moments, wanting to live them over again. I keep thinking I see them in places they can't be. I keep hoping and thinking they will just walk up to me and start talking again. Then I know I'll be a little more okay and won't feel such a quiet, painful and empty spot in my heart. Each time I leave, I feel like I left something behind. I did, but also I took something with me that I didn't have before. It was all completely worth it, even if I'm still missing you.

The best things in life take work and long distance ones take extra work, but I'll never regret keeping up with those who are near and dear to my heart. Together we can face anything together, even if that means being vulnerable over video call instead of across the table.

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