If We Were Honest On Social Media

If We Were Honest On Social Media

What we actually think while using Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

As an avid user of an array of social media platforms, here are my thoughts on the most popular four- in order from best to worst.


Pro: Snapchat is awesome. Streaks are a great way to force you and a friend to keep in touch, no matter how busy or far away you are. Also, I'm a sucker for the Cosmopolitan and Buzzfeed Snapchat stories, I'm not gonna lie.

Some people feel the need to watch all the stories to clear the notification; I am not one of those people. Also, why is the Snapchat camera a thousand times better than the Camera app? LMK.

Con: If your crush doesn't see your story where you look bangin' in the 24 hours it's available, oh well.
I'll be the one to say it: some Snapchat filters are absolutely ridiculous, and I'm not talking about the dog filter. I'm talking like puking rainbows and ugly ones like that. Why, just why?
Also, can we bring back Snapchat best friends? All these emojis are getting confusing.

If we were honest on Snapchat: I'm posting stories to make it look like a have a life, while trying to dodge Snaps from people I don't want to talk to.


Twitter is where you can completely be yourself, and Tweet and Retweet anything you want. There are so many funny accounts to follow. The Dory account for example (as in Dory from Finding Nemo, although unaffiliated with the film), Tweeted this last summer: "I love Twitter because everyone is real af. Instagram is like 'look how great my life is' while Twitter's like, 'I want to die, here's a meme.'" Twitter is the place where beautiful things like this happen:

Pro: I don't know how else to say this, but Twitter is a gift to the world. Twitter conversations, threads, memes, and Vines are hilarious. Plus, hashtags are super powerful, whether it be a new trend (ex. #WasteHisTime, #ExplainAFilmPlotBadly), the world watching something live together, like the Olympics or the Oscars, or a political movement (remember #ICantBreathe?).

Con: There are a ton of parody accounts to watch out for, stolen Tweets, and promoted Tweets and advertisements that can clog up your Timeline. Other than that, it only sucks when someone with a private account gets into an argument with someone you follow, so you can only see half the argument. Twitter wars are the best. Someone grab the popcorn.

If we were honest on Twitter: we are.


Pro: You can flaunt how awesome your outfit, hair, etc. looks today, as well as where you're traveling, who you're hanging out with, and whatever else you deem necessary to fit your "Instagram theme/aesthetic."

Con: You can easily spend literally hours looking at Instagram models and crying while hating your body. Everyone makes their lives look way cooler on Instagram than they do in real life, and it's easy to forget how fake it is. Thus, finstas!

Also, Instagram stories are dumb and SUCH a ripoff of Snapchat. You should be ashamed of yourself, Instagram. I'm not going to stop using you, but I'm not going to post an Instagram story #sorrynotsorry. And if I get ONE MORE notification saying someone started a live video, I'm going to scream.

Also, why isn't Instagram in chronological order anymore? AND, if I'm scrolling on Instagram and then I get another notification, like a Snapchat, and I go open it and respond to it, when I click back to the Instagram app, it's automatically back at the top. This is super annoying because I have to scroll all the way back down to where I was, and sometimes I forget and get all confused. Please fix this ASAP.

If we were honest on Instagram: I'm trying very hard to make myself look good and my life look awesome. It took a hundred photos, a ton of time editing and choosing a filter, and another decade to write a witty caption, to make a post at "prime Instagram like time" and track my likes religiously.


Pro: It is, in my opinion, the best way to stalk someone, or for a better word, investigate. You met a cute guy at a party last night and only have his first name and the college he attends? With a quick Facebook search, you can find him in no time, as well as the pictures of the family fishing trip he took in 2010. Facebook is amazing, really. If people don't delete old, embarrassing pictures, or pictures with exes, you can find all the information you need.

Con: Your entire family, including grandma, is on Facebook. Also, everyone has that friend who posts 600 photos a month to Facebook, and tag you in the ugliest pictures. And, in my opinion, the new options besides Like, including Haha and Angry, are unnecessary. Also, why does Facebook poking even exist? LMK.

If we were honest on Facebook: It may look like I have my life together, but I definitely do not.

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Happiness Is Not Found Looking Outwards, All We Need To Do To Be Happy Is Look Within Ourselves

Where we should really be looking to find true happiness

The pursuit of happiness, something we all are chasing after in life, trying to find something, or someone, that can be joy, excitement, and pleasure into your lives. We spend our lives telling ourselves that once we have the newest iPhone, get that promotion, reach a certain popularity level, make X amount of money, get married and have kids running around our white picket fence then we will be happy.

Though, the chase never ends. The things we thought would bring us joy were not as fulfilling as we had anticipated or someone else has something that makes them look way happier than you are. As long we continue to look for things and people outside ourselves for happiness we will ever know true joy.

To find true happiness we need to stop looking outwards and turning in towards ourselves. We all have heard the glass half full analogy before but few of us realize just how powerful this analogy truly is. Happiness comes we you are able to train your mind to automatically find the positive side of things and focus less on the negative.

If your brain always went to the negative side of a situation nothing in life will ever be fulfilling enough for you. If you are able to steer your mind away from these thoughts and more towards making the best out of things life will start seeming less disappointing.

While thoughts can be helpful in your inner pursuit of happiness getting to know yourself is also an important part. Sit with yourself and really think about your morals, values, interests, and passions. Some of these things will be external but try to keep them simple such as reading in a cozy nook, a child’s laugh, or crazy family get-togethers.

When the little things a person experiences in a day can be appreciated and make you feel wholesome achieving happiness is more obtainable on those rough days than thinking that obtaining something you don’t have is going to make everything better.

It is sad to see how our world has been changed to think that it’s the things we have, the accomplishments we make, or that having certain people in our lives is whats going to make us instantaneously happy. All that we need to be happy we can find within ourselves. All we need is the right frame of thought and a grateful heart.

Cover Image Credit: Pexels

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If You Like Partying In College, You've Probably Never Realized The 10 Best Things About Not Doing It

Parties are hell if your only wish in life is to be left alone with your own thoughts.

We've all seen the movies where partying is the roots of everybody's college experience, but I'm here to say that partying blows when you can't stand the sight of another human being. For those of us who thrive on silence and solitude, we know what it's like to feel the pressure to go out and "have a good time," as they say.

However, we'd never give up the luxuries of staying in and doing things our way, because we all know we do things a little bit better.

1. Actually studying on the weekends

I highly doubt you're studying by spending all night livin' it up, and all of the next day recovering.

2. Not blowing money on nights out

I once overheard a conversation of a girl whining to her roommate about how she only has $9 left in her bank account after paying for 3 Ubers and alcohol the night before.

3. Speaking of Uber, there's nothing worse than drunk people in the back of your car.

Try not to embarrass yourself too much to somebody who just wants some extra cash on the side.


I don't think I need to explain this one.

5. What's a hangover?

Sunday mornings are characterized by slow sips of tea, not begging for mercy while clinging to a toilet seat.

6. Not risking being caught drunk by your RA

Ah, the sweet sounds of whispering as I hear the stampede of partygoers return to their dorm rooms without waking our RA who will write them up for any signs of being drunk.

7. Not having to stand in line in the dining hall on Sunday mornings

I once got extra beans in my breakfast burrito because there weren't enough people to eat them all.

8. Not having to worry about those tricky deadlines that the professors set on purpose

Do you think my professor scheduling a test on November 1st was a coincidence? HAHA.

9. Being able to enjoy the silence on Saturday nights

Whether it's studying, reading, relaxing, or sleeping, college campuses become a ghost town on Saturday nights — and is heaven for introverts or those who are simply tired.

10. I can look back and remember doing things MY WAY.

Frank would be proud.

So there you have it — my reasons why sticking to my guns and spending Saturday nights at my own discretion kills going to some party, disappointing my liver, and throwing away my Sundays.

If you party and genuinely enjoy it, fine, but there's something freeing about kicking expectations in the ass and doing things your way.

Cover Image Credit: Unsplash

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