Now that I am a senior at Oklahoma State, everything is becoming bittersweet. For the next 10 months I will be soaking up as much free food as possible, enjoying the cheap concerts put on in Stillville, and acting like a freshmen so I will not be reminded that my days of Murphy's syringe jello shots will soon be closing. Here are some honest final thoughts and suggestions I have to you incoming freshmen…

1. First and foremost, realize that your 4 years at Oklahoma State will go by faster than you think. Therefore, find an advisor who cares and wants to see you succeed. Also, decide on a major as soon as possible, or you will end up taking a victory lap. Trust me. When people say “you have all the time in the world” to decide on a major, they are just being nice. Find an advisor who cares, and a major you can achieve and succeed in.

2. Take advantage of all free items. Whether it is free food, t-shirts, joes cups, trust me. Soon enough you will be eating ramen noodles, paying your electric bill with no extra money to spend on anything but cheap boxes of white wine.

3. Attend as many athletic events as possible. Whether it is soccer, football, wrestling, etc. I can say honestly that some of my favorite moments from being a cowboy were from athletic events. Storm the court, wear obnoxious outfits, and make friends on the sidelines and cheer on our well deserving cowboys and cowgirls.

4. Attend and support as many philanthropic events/organizations as possible. College is the perfect time to give to back to your community and the nation.

5. Attend any and all concerts put on within the stillville radius. There are only so many people who can say they saw Tyga, Bow Wow, Juicy J and Riff Raff all for under $75 bucks. Also, you will need to invest in a jersey. Now thanks to Kevin Durant, I am sure you will be able to find jerseys of his for less than dirt-cheap.

6. Do not forget to take care of yourself. You are a human being, and you can only do so much. Sleep, stay hydrated and eat normal meals. I would say that more than half of my friends ended up with mono, bronchits, strep, etc. by the end of their senior year. Take care of your mind and body now and save yourself from stress/sickness.

7. Join a club, organization, fraternity, sorority, etc. This suggestion is simple, but crucial. I have met my very best friends from the greek family and other organizations on campus, and I have grown into the person I am today from those friendships.

8. Take full advantage of coupons available to students. My favorite coupon to use is for Papa Johns pizza, “oktweet50”. You will thank me later.

9. Participate in homecoming fully. Yes, we will all attend walk around, but did you know that there is also football frenzy, orange fountain dyeing, a sign competition, homecoming tailgate, a harvest carnival and chili cookout, Hester street painting orange ambience night, homecoming and hoops, sea of orange parade, and finally game day? There are so many opportunities to create friendships and memories during OSU hoco, don’t miss out.

10. Date parties… Attend as many as your heart desires. Before you know it, you will be walking across the stage to grab your diploma and I know you will be looking back to think about all those fun nights you had with your friends, and cringe worthy awkward blind dates you had to manage through.

11. From the very best LC (Lauren Conrad) - "forgive and forget". You will have a rollercoaster of emotions, memories, experiences within your college experience, so you will need to make the decision to 'forgive and forget' to move forward; don't let petty things get in your way.

One of my very last “senior suggestions” is to do what makes you happy. You will get stressed with classwork, extra curricular activities, greek life, clubs and/or organizations, working enough hours to pay for your extra curricular activities, and so on. It is an endless cycle of school, work and fun. You must learn how to balance these 3 things or you will struggle. Even though most of us do struggle, you must be able to tell yourself that everything will be okay. You have to keep fighting and motivating yourself to succeed. Keep on keepin on, cowboys.