Here we are, fellow college friends. It's August. Move-back-to-school month, and I'm honestly very excited. This whole summer I've done nothing but work, with a vacation and a few day trips. Some days I couldn't even tell you what day it was. I'm craving structure and a set schedule at this point.

Unlike a lot of kids growing up, I loved back-to-school time. I loved back-to-school shopping, and knowing that soon fall would be upon us. This still applies to me today, I love going back to school. I've been buying things all summer for my new apartment, and as the time grows closer (15 days), I'm so excited. Setting up my own apartment that I'm in by myself is something very exciting for me. I've always lived with people and being able to have my own space this year gives me really great joy.

Back-to-school means back to earning my degree to help me build the life I want, and back to seeing my college friends regularly. Back to dance and back to homework. Back to structure and following a set schedule. In these last two weeks before heading back to Longwood, I'm preparing myself for the upcoming semester. I get to work in the library, be on EXEC for Odyssey, and dance with some amazing people!

I didn't branch out much last year until the last few months of the second semester. But in those few months, I met some great people who are now some of my greatest friends. I've made a goal list for myself for the first semester, to help keep my spirits up and to help keep me focused.

I have great feelings about this year. I'm looking forward to it. Bring on the end of summer and the start of fall and school!