Hometowns. We all have one whether we love it or not. Wherever you are from, you definitely have some strong emotions towards your old home. Regardless of if you love your home town or never want to see it again, going home for the holidays is just part of the necessities come the holidays.

Life can, and typically does, get pretty crazy during the year. The months fly by, while the days and weeks can seem like forever. This is the madness of life, but it is exactly why going home for the holidays is much needed.

Not only is it time to catch up with relatives or old friends you haven't seen in months, but it is also time to recharge. Heading home to the place where you can drive the roads without even thinking about it and where everything is second nature, makes the holidays all the more enjoyable. Preparing for the holidays is stressful, but doing it in your hometown makes life easier.

Seeing all of the familiar faces and places of your town can give you that much needed renewed energy when it comes time to take on the brand new year. Even if you don't think you want to return, life is just simpler around your old stomping grounds. And it gives you a fresh outlook come the next adventure you take on.

So, next time you are dreading the big return home for the holidays, remember that you will be happy to go back once you're there and that you will leave feeling more like yourself than you had the rest of the year.

There is no doubt that home is where your heart is... But I think that we all leave a little piece of our heart where we grow up. Returning during the holidays is the perfect time to rekindle that feeling.