I have finally arrived

to the crackling of the fireplace

to the snowy beach view

to the smile strung on mom's face

to the place I once so well knew.

4 years away in 3 different places

will sure distort your view of home

Becoming comfortable in new spaces

but always with a thin barrier of unknown.

Yet, in my Home

i am allowed to just be

a judgement free-zone

without any explanation of me.

A place of unconditional-ness

that I can return to without end.

Have I finally arrived,

or have I never left you?

Sure I've left the fireplace

and the beach view.

But I feel you in other spaces

and see glimpses in other faces.


I know you in my boyfriends arms,

in the late night laughs with friends,

in the sunset on Mississippi farms,

in the Gallo Pinto I ate in Nicaragua without end.

Where I sense love without condition,

There you are.

But for now,

It is good to be home!