The Unoriginality Of Hollywood

Hollywood is running out of ideas, which is pretty surprising since the industry is based on creativity, well, creativity and money but for argument's sake, let’s say it’s mostly creativity.

A lot of movies Hollywood makes are either based off of old stories, book adaptations, or remakes of foreign films. If you look up a movie’s Wikipedia page there’s a very good chance that it will say “based off of…” fill in the blank or inspired by. There’s even a Wikipedia page listing all of Hollywood films with their foreign film counterpart.

Seriously, take a moment to look it up, it’s fascinating and a bit sad.

"Frozen" was based on Hans Christian Anderson’s “The Snow Queen,” "Vanilla Sky" starring Tom Cruise is literally an English version of "Abre Los Ojos," "Delivery Man" with Vince Vaughn was originally a French-Canadian film, "Starbuck." The TV show, "The Office" is a direct copy from the British show of the same name; so are "Skins" and "Shameless."

Granted, that’s not a long list, but still, you get my point. There are no original films or TV shows anymore. Here's looking at you, live action films.

It makes sense from a monetary standpoint why Hollywood would do this. If an idea or rather a plot was able to be a success the first time around it’s a near guarantee it’ll be a second time around.

It also makes sense that people saw a great plot that wasn’t receiving enough attention that deserved to be well-known. At what point though, have they gone too far. They’re certainly not above remaking classics.

Take the play "Sabrina Fair." It was adapted into the film, "Sabrina," starring Audrey Hepburn and Humphrey Bogart in 1954. Then, in 1995, they remade the remake to star Harrison Ford.

And if that reference is too old for you, consider "The Parent Trap," starring Lindsay Lohan as Hallie and Annie, from 1998. The original film, 1961, starred Hayley Mills and is based off a German play, "Lottie and Lisa," or "Das Doppelte Lottchen."

Heck, even "Beauty and The Beast" has been remade several times over. It originated as a french fairytale, transformed into the film "La Belle et la Bête" by Jean Cocteau, again in 1987 via an American/Israeli film, then Disney’s animated version in 1991 and most recently now in 2017.

That’s not to say that these plays, films and remakes aren’t good. "Sabrina" is the reason I love Humphrey Bogart, and I happen to be a huge fan of both "Parent Trap" films and you better believe I listen to Dan Stevens ("Beast," 2017) singing "Evermore" at least once a day.

Still, it irks me that there aren’t any original ideas anymore. Hollywood is one of the biggest entertainment industries in the world, the least they could do is come up with an original idea even if it’s a flop, know that I will appreciate the effort.
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