A Holiday Season at College as Told by Parks and Rec

The holidays are a... special time at college. There's absolutely what's left of the magic along with the relief the semester is over, but then you remember something else. A certain synonym for "last." You don't want to do things, you want to not do things.

1. The possibility of a snow day increases ten fold.


At least if you live in a cold area. And even if it doesn't snow, there's still the possibility of ice if it's cold enough. You know what that means... Free day off!

2. It's officially hot chocolate season


If we're being honest, there's no reason you can't drink cocoa before December, but this is when it gets big. Everyone's drinking it. It's now socially acceptable to add a candy cane... even if the cocoa somehow eats it...

3. But then you remember finals are coming up


Oh wait... We actually have to worry about stuff when classes are over... What a rip off. And why are they worth so much of the final grade?

4. When you get a paper as a final, maybe you think it won't be so bad.


After all, it means you don't have to go in, right?

5. But you're proven horribly, horribly wrong


How hard could it be to write a paper? Very. Wait... it has to have HOW MANY pages? And HOW MANY sources?!

6. And you have to present one of the papers. On the day before the dorms close.


Okay, so I love Les Miz, and I could talk all day about how it departed from the conventional musical with its realism. And I'm truly fascinated about what other people think about musicals, but I just want to go home. I'm sure everyone else does too.

7. A little break in between couldn't hurt, right?


It's for the sake of sanity, and you're not one of those idiots out partying every weekend. You deserve this.

8. Even as you try to celebrate, it seems your school only plays two Christmas songs.


Whamageddon? Yeah, you're gonna lose, because that's all the radio station plays. That and "All I Want for Christmas." THERE ARE OTHER SONGS!

9. Then when it gets close to the end, you need to pack.


It's not like you're packing up your room like last year (Unfortunately), but there comes a time when you have to remember what you can leave in a stifling room for a month, and what you can't. And what can fit in your suitcase and what can't. And what has to go, but has to go in the car piled on you.

10. Then finally, FINALLY, it's time to go home.


So many papers. So many presentations. You wondered when it would end, and it finally did. And maybe you actually did okay. At least now you can relax a little bit, and forget about work until J-Term.

Godspeed, fellow students, I have total faith in you. Even though there's a 30% chance we'll all die by the end

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