How It Feels To Be Bisexual During The Holidays

How It Feels To Be Bisexual During the Holidays

Trust me, it's different than any other time of the year!

Being part of the LGBTQ+ community already puts you in a weird spot when interacting with the rest of society, but we all can attest that as a community, the holidays are EXTRA special... Unfortunately, it's not all in a good way. Here are five gifs to explain exactly the feeling.

To preface, these are things that I, or someone close to me, have personally experienced and is not reflective of the experiences of the entirety of the community.

"So, you have a boyfriend yet?...Or, uh, girlfriend...person...thing?"

I think whether you are a part of the community or not, you get hit with the relationship status question by an older member of your family. It's like, your family is on overdrive to get to your future: "Great, you have a high school diploma! When are you going to get married? Kids? How's your retirement plan? When's the funeral?"

"Are you into men or women right now?" 

This was a question I got constantly when I first came out. There can be some days where I lean more towards men and other days where I lean more towards women, but I am bisexual every day!

"Any cute boys in your life?"- The one aunt that doesn't know you like girls too.

As an Indian, I have multiple aunties who all LOVE to talk to me about the cute boys on my college campus and if I'm interested in any of them. As annoying as that is at times, it's hilarious to see my parents uncomfortably chuckling in the background on my behalf, because they know about my "sinful truth."

"You're not gay, so why do you keep referring to yourself that way?"

For a long time, this has been used as an umbrella term when it came to the legalities of marriage and rights of the LGBTQ+ community. Gay rights are my rights too. However, this question normally comes from my mother who wants to make sure that the possibility of me having a husband is still plausible.

"I love you, Merry Christmas!"

At the end of the day, I'm very lucky to have such a wonderful and supportive family that not a lot of people in my position or in a similar position, would get.

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