As a member of a big family, I am forever grateful for how much love and support I am constantly surrounded by. However, it gets a bit chaotic. Multiple people, multiple personalities, multiple pairs of shoes … it can be a lot. Whenever any holiday rolls around, the pandemonium increases. If you are a part of a big family, you have surely experienced a few (or all) of these things around any holiday.

Nobody can agree on where to spend the holiday

And when your family finally does, your other grandmother is disappointed she wont see you.

Mom spends days before like a mad woman in the kitchen.

While people keep sneaking into the fridge and eating what she has made.

The day finally rolls around and nobody has anything to wear.

Even though your mom has told everyone a million times to figure out an outfit.

Because, of course she wants a family picture when she finally has us all together.

The entire morning is spent fighting over the bathroom.

Because you need to shower, your dad needs to shave and your sister needs to blow-dry her hair.

Getting everyone into the car(s) to leave is difficult.

Nobody can find their shoes.

Dad sits outside, beeping and threatening to leave.

Even through you and your sisters “just need one more sec!”

Of course, there are fights in the car.

Your sister didn’t ask if she could wear your shirt and your brothers wont stop arguing about the game last night.

You’re obviously late to the party.

And realize you forgot the trays mom asked you to put in the car.

The "adults table" and "kids table" span two rooms.

Your aunt drinks too much wine and burns dinner.

And your uncle keeps sneaking you beers.

You have said "no, I don't have a boyfriend yet" enough times.

It's loud ... very loud.

Regardless of the chaos, you look around and realize just how lucky you are. You wouldn’t trade it for the world.