The Holidays Are Hard After Losing A Pet

The Holidays Are Hard After Losing A Pet

This shouldn't be a lonely time, but there were Christmases when you were mine.


On October 18, I said goodbye to my best friend. My family adopted my dog, Daisy, when she was less than a year old. She lived to be almost 15 ½. Daisy was more than just a dog to me. She was my constant companion when my friends left me and boys broke my heart. She was always able to cheer me up with her unfaltering cuteness, big brown eyes, and a little wet nose. Her kisses had healing power. When she left me so suddenly, who did I have to cheer me up? It was and still is, difficult to cope with her being gone. The holidays only make it worse.

Thanksgiving came when the pain of losing Daisy was still pretty fresh. I had only been home once before the break because I knew I would feel her absence even more. The first day of break was the hardest because the rest of my family was at work and I was all alone. Usually, on such occasions, I would cuddle with Daisy in the recliner while I did homework. Not having her next to me made me feel empty. The whole house felt empty. My parents had packed up nearly every trace of her, but they couldn't cover the hole she left in our hearts when she passed.

It had been my tradition on Thanksgiving Day to sit with Daisy, drink coffee, eat spice muffins, and watch the parade until we inevitably fell asleep. I was able to distract myself this year with a paper I had to write. I replaced the pain of Daisy's absence with the pain of an analysis paper. I still couldn't forget.

Callie Spencer

I go home for Christmas soon and I know it'll be a difficult time. Daisy had a way of making herself a part of almost anything we did as a family. Christmas was no exception. She'd lay on her bed under the Christmas tree, stalk the dinner table when we ate, ride with us to see Christmas lights, and open presents with us on Christmas morning. She had her own stocking. A couple of years ago, we even did a Christmas photo shoot of her at our house.

Callie Spencer

Last Christmas was technically my first Christmas without Daisy. I was studying abroad in Israel and didn't get home until January 5th. thankfully, my family waited until I got back to do presents and dinner. Still, I wasn't with Daisy on December 25th. Spending four months away from her in Israel didn't quite prepare me for her passing. What kept me going was that I knew she'd be there when I got back. That's not true this time.

Callie Spencer

I am blessed to have people who have supported me during this painful time. I will always have fond memories of Daisy, and I am incredibly grateful for the years we had together. No matter what you're facing right now, Merry Christmas and God bless you!

My Playlist Dedicated to Daisy

Red-Taylor Swift, The Night's Gonna Trick Me Again-Jamie Scott, Chasing Cars-Snow Patrol, Sad Song-We The Kings, Good Grief-Bastille, Vanilla Twilight-Owl City, Half a Heart-One Direction, Let Her Go-Passenger, Fix You-Coldplay, See the Sun-Dido, My Heart Will Go On-Céline Dion, There You'll Be-Faith Hill, Your Long Journey-Robert Plant, Iris-The Goo Goo Dolls, Who Knew-P!nk, A Song That Never Comes-Cass Elliot, Memories-Shawn Mendes, Just Want You to Know-Backstreet Boys, Christmases When You Were Mine-Taylor Swift, Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)-Michael Bublé

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No matter what color you have, they are awesome.

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Confessions Of A Multi-Species Pet-A-Holic



When I was a kid, my house was filled with animals. Whether it was the pets in our house, the animals in the zoo or the aquarium, or the local shelter.

I was obsessed, it was fairly (very) obvious from a young age. I had all kinds of fish growing up, raised frogs from when they were just little tadpoles, turtles, and, of course, dogs. Dogs were my favorite, although all kinds of animals have a special place in my heart.

Now, here I am, almost 22 years old and I already have three pets on my own. While I'm not trying to add any more pets into my family (right now at least — ask me again in six months), it is still so so so so hard not to get another animal.

For example, I was at a pet store and saw that the bunnies were on sale for $10, and they just looked so sad in their little cage and I know that they would be just so loved in my little home... and then my boyfriend took me away from them because he knew that I would actually get the bunnies, which would stretch my budget much thinner than it needed to be.

So, you could say I'm basically a shopaholic but for pets (and I'd much rather rescue).

My pets (Finn the dog, Kylo Ren the betta fish, and Anakin the hamster) are treated like my children, and they get everything they need and more. Especially because my mother is now the pet grandma she could ever want to be. All three are spoiled like none other and honestly deserve even more because of how wonderful they are. Anakin and Finn became close friends once Finn understood that Anakin was too small for him to play with. Kylo lives on his own and hides behind things like his emo namesake from Star Wars does with his mask.

Since I rescued my dog I followed many different pet rescue pages, and every time I see a new dog I feel the inevitable need to adopt them and give them the best life because they deserve so much more than the life they had lived. Seeing cats just makes me feel like I need to round out my group of animals with a cat, and when I see cats, sometimes we have a bond and it is just so very hard to walk away.

I love animals more than people (for the most part), and being a pet-a-holic keeps not only my life interesting but also the life of my family and friends a bit interesting as well.

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