Dear world, take notes

Our lives, as high school students, well it's tough.

The entire world seems to be disappointed with our generation, for reasons fair and unfair and we go on, trying to keep up with it all. Be it the rapidly changing world or the fact that we are just so confused with ALL the insane number of choices around us - I think sometimes, we deserve a break. Here's a list of high school student holidays I think we ALL should celebrate religiously because you know what?We really deserve this.

1. Read-A-Somethin' Day

Okay babies, I am about to drop a truth bomb - we folks need to be more aware. There's a lot happening around the world, and we need to be on our top game, aware of it all so you can make the right choices. Take a day off and dedicate it just for reading. Go read things about the world or a book you've been thinking about for a while. Whatever it is, this needs to be done. Learning to respect opinions is as important as having one!

2. Picture Crazy Day

Know how the world hates on us for taking a lot of pictures and selfies? I SAY MAKE IT YOUR OWN. Photographs are great, go click some. Walk around your city, see the nooks and corners, take a picture, create memories. Create a little chandelier of memories if you want to - you do you.

3. Shop-'Til-You-Drop Day

We are always crawling on the floor trying to invest right and make the most of what we have. Ugh - for a day, scratch that. Take out a small amount of your money and save it for a couple of months, then one day, go out and spend it all. You deserve it, TRUST me. We need to make ourselves happy.

4. No-Phone Day

I know, I know. I just told you to take selfies, but now let's balance it out. We ALSO need to learn to control ourselves and focus on the bigger things. Take a day off from society, put away your phone and stay with your thoughts. Nothing will be more rewarding for your mental peace, trust me.

5. Random-Act-Of-Kindness Day

I don't think I need to explain this (But I will, duh). I think a very important thing we are all missing in life is feeling good about ourselves. Know how great it feels when someone comes up to you and thanks you for something you've done? Knowing you've made someone happy and helped them in any way possible... go get it again. Let your heart swell.

6. Treat-Yo'self-Right Day

Yes ladies, especially you. The world is constantly demanding, so you know what? Might as well do it with manicured hands! Or whatever the hell it is; a day at the spa or a nap day with friends. Treat yourself, bro.

7. Do-Whatever-You-Want Day!

And lastly, if there's anything I've forgotten to mention, OR, if you just need a day to do absolutely NOTHING, well have it. Let no time constraints or responsibilities stop you. The world is your oyster.

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