When we think about the winter holidays, we often think about cookies, candies, cocktails, comfort foods, etc. And with all of the stuff easily available in every store, always around at the offices, and all of the holiday parties, it's easy to over-indulge. I mean, I am a huge advocate of treating yourself, but obviously it's possible to over do it. Here are a few tips to stay healthy over the holidays!

1. Limit Yourself

I am guilty of seeing that tray of cookies on the dessert table and firing down a whole dozen by myself. I am also guilty of drinking way too much tequila. However, I find that going into situations that can easily get out of hand with set limits helps me maintain control. That doesn't mean denying yourself those treats! It just means stopping after two or three rather than six or eight (or twelve).

2. Stay Active

When it gets cold, it's easy to just want to stay inside, wrapped in a blanket, watching Hallmark Christmas movies on the sofa. That is a completely acceptable activity to partake in, but make it a point to get in some exercise first! Set aside time to go to the gym a few times every week to balance out all the treats!

3. Stay Hydrated

Hydration is ALWAYS important! Being hydrated is a key component to having accurate hunger cues, too! Sometimes dehydration can be mistaken for hunger and lead to overeating! So make sure to push the fluids over the holidays - and every day!

4. Get Enough Sleep

This is another factor that is ALWAYS important to being healthy! With all of the holiday parties and shopping, it's easy to become sleep deprived. Lack of sleep messes up your overall function, including your immune system! Make sure to get enough sleep every night (about 8 hours) in order to avoid sickness!

5. Don't Skip the Greens

Make good snack and meal choices as frequently as you can! Just because there is a jar of cookies on the counter doesn't mean they have to be eaten for breakfast, lunch, and dinner! Fit those five daily servings of fruit and veggies in each day!

6. Share the Wealth

If you are like me, you are just going to keep eating cookies as long as they are around until they are gone. So, share them! If you find yourself with too many treats to eat on your own, give some away!

7. Don't Force It If You Don't Want It

Listen to your hunger cues. If you feel full, don't force yourself to eat that extra serving of mashed potatoes or to finish the whole box of chocolates or whatever it may be. It's okay to save some for later - leftovers are the best!