The beginning of the year sparks excitement. Many of us dress up and go to parties. We all stay up until midnight, counting down the seconds to toast to the new year. We kiss and cheer at the time of the day goes from 11:59 pm to 12:00 am, fully knowing that it is ridiculous to ride all of our hope on a minute passing. We resolve to change our lives for the better because of the clean slate of the new year.

There is absolutely no reason to have more positivity because of the passing of time, but this doesn't mean we should disregard it completely. The hope at the beginning of the year is something we should hold onto. So let's make plans we plan to keep. Let's laugh and love unapologetically. Let's try our best and do amazing things.

Time cannot and will not stop for us. It is important that we hope for the future while staying excited for the here and now. We need to remember this midnight of New Years Eve feeling; the refreshment and excitement that we oftentimes forget.

So when times get tough this year and believe me they will, I urge you to think of New Year's Eve. The sparkles, the hopes, the resolutions, and the joy. It will change your outlook on life and might just cause you to choose joy in the difficulty.