December. It is arguably one of the busiest months of the year for college students. Not only do you have final exams and papers to study for but you also have to plan for Christmas, or whatever holiday you and your family celebrate around this time, and plan your travel back home. In all this craziness- it is easy to feel overwhelmed, defeated, and like you are constantly swimming just to keep afloat.

We often forget that while there may be a lot of stressful things happening to us at the moment, there are also little things that we can look for to help keep our sanity. Seriously, sometimes the smallest, most insignificant activities can provide us with a smile.

Here are some examples of little things that can add positivity to your day.

1. Your coffee tasted good 

2. You saw a pretty flower/cloud/sunset/ anything to connect to nature 

3. You got to listen to your favorite song

4. Your perfume smells good 

5. You are one day closer to being home for Christmas 

6. You wore your favorite shirt/outfit 

7. You used your favorite color in something 

8. You got to talk and catch up with a (even just for a few minutes)

It is so easy to et caught up in the complaints. It seems like everyone is complaining about how busy/tired/broke/ and stressed they are. My advice is to find 3-5 positive things or things you are grateful for in each day. This will help you focus on the positive and to be grateful for all the opportunity that you have been awarded. Remember that this stress is only temporary but having a healthy and happy mindset is critical for life. There will always be stressful events and you can't live your life just waiting for them to be over. It is key to learn how to adjust your mindset so you can be happy amidst the chaos.