Around two weeks ago, I decided that I wanted to rediscover my love for photography. What first started out as your average photoshoot at the Metropark eventually turned into taking photos in Hobby Lobby for the #HobbyLobbyChallenge. If you don't know what the Hobby Lobby challenge is, it's basically going into Hobby Lobby and taking pictures of the plants, flowers, etc. and making it look like you're not actually in Hobby Lobby.

So instead of posting a typical article, I thought it would be cool to share some tips, tricks, and results relating to the hobby lobby challenge!

Tips and Tricks:

1. Focus on you and the model!

Alright, I will say this challenge was definitely a bit awkward with people staring at you and your friend(s) taking pictures. But if you just channel your attention towards the camera and the model (or the camera and the photographer), then you kind of forget that the rest of the shoppers are there. In other words, just own the fact that you probably look really weird! After that, it felt kind of cool, rather than humiliating, to have some of the store employees give us ideas for setups! They were super polite and excited about what we were doing, and they couldn't wait to see the results!

2. PLANTS!!!

The fake plants and flowers make for such beautiful photos! I really tried to make it work with furniture and obscure Hobby Lobby items, but it was extremely challenging for me. Granted, that could be because I am an avid fan of nature photography, so I wouldn't give up on other backgrounds/props! But honestly I just really liked the look of the plants, and it makes the challenge a bit easier for beginners.

3. Remember to get creative

Sure, the background requires a lot of creativity, but you need to push yourself! Push the model! Honestly, you get tons of ideas just walking into the entrance of Hobby Lobby, and it gets super fun and inspiring to play around with different setups. What really worked out for me was having my friend pose in the plants and having it kind of drape/fall around her. I think it makes a stunning photo!

*Note: The pictures are unedited so you can see what the immediate results are like!

**Shout out to my amazingly beautiful friend Bizzy for being a stunning model!

#HobbyLobbyChallenge Results: