5 hobbies that make you happy

Hobbies are not only a way to make leisure time meaningful, they also lower the stress level and can have a positive effect on the psyche. We present five hobbies that will make you happy.

  • 1. Hiking
  • 2. Gardening
  • 3. Bake
  • 4. Meditate
  • 5. Learn an instrument

From time to time, simply doing nothing and devoting yourself to your favorite activities is extremely important for brain health and helps you to be more satisfied in the long term, says Iris Hauth, President of the German Society for Psychiatry and Psychotherapy, Psychosomatics and Neurology. So-called witty idleness i.e. breaks for the brain, promotes regeneration and strengthens the memory. Such breaks are a prerequisite for ingenuity, creativity - and above all the mental balance that makes us happy. Hobbies achieve this state of balance by giving you the opportunity to deal with yourself and your own interests and to make contact with yourself, so to speak. This "self-therapy" enables

Whether accompanied or alone: The DONNA editorial team presents five hobbies from the areas of sport, creativity and cooking, which you can switch off, enrich your free time and make you happier - just take the self-test.

1. Hiking

It doesn't matter whether it's a few hours' drives away or very close - there is definitely a nice place for hiking in your area. On a relaxed walk or on a more demanding alpine route, you can experience the connection with nature, spend the day in the fresh air and escape your usual everyday environment. The rhythmic movement while walking also ensures that the happiness hormone serotonin is released and thus has a positive effect on the psyche. Particularly beautiful hiking trails can be found, for example, in the Allgäu or in the Rhön. If you want to hike outside of Germany, you will find numerous great routes on Mallorca, among others.

2. Gardening

Meditative weed plucking, planting flower seeds or pulling vegetables not only ensures success when you can harvest the fruits of your work but also turns your garden or balcony into a feel-good environment that automatically makes you happier. Here you can be creative and at the same time, you are in the fresh air. Don't have your own garden or balcony? No problem: In many cities (e.g. Munich, Berlin, Essen or Hamburg) there are specially designed community gardens that you can visit at certain times. Here you can devote yourself to classic gardening, meet like-minded people and acquire new gardening knowledge in courses on the subject of gardening offered on-site.

3. Bake

As everyone knows, eating makes you happy - especially when chocolate is involved, which, thanks to the amino acid tryptophan contained in cocoa, a building block of the happiness hormone serotonin, promotes well-being. In the best case, baking combines both and is, therefore, a hobby that is not only fun but also ensures happiness when baking and then enjoying. The variety of sweet dishes, from cakes, tarts and biscuits to hearty pastries such as puff pastry snails, quiche or bread rolls, is almost endless and invites you to try your own ideas as well as recipes. Make yourself and your loved ones happy and share your baking creations - after all, shared happiness is double happiness.

4. Meditate

Meditation is a spiritual practice in which you find your inner center through mindfulness and concentration exercises and come into harmony with yourself. The state of rest achieved by the exercises is often described with the words "being here and now" and "being free of thoughts". The latter is extremely important for brain health and a balanced psyche. This gives the brain the chance to regenerate and "switch off" in the truest sense of the word during periods of stress. This will make you more relaxed and happier in the long run, while also improving body awareness.

5. Learn an instrument

Setting (and reaching) new goals motivates, makes you proud and happy. To play an instrument you have to learn it first. This process requires a certain level of concentration and willpower but rewards you with new advances. Have you always wanted to play the guitar or attend a drum course? Just do it - in addition to the sense of achievement, getting better with every practice and expanding your own skills, learning an instrument is also a nice way to take time for yourself on a regular basis.

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