With the recent tragedy in Dallas, Texas, it is apparent that the United States of America are no longer "united." We are torn, we are tattered and frankly, we are becoming more and more worn down. What's concerning, though, is that we are allowing history to repeat itself. We are allowing our people, the people of this magnificent melting pot, to turn against each other based on physical differences. We are assigning labels and stigmas to groups of people, minorities and people of stature. We are assuming certain groups are only capable of doing harm, and others are only capable of doing good. Isn't this what caused a war between us before? Isn't our abundance of ignorance and lack of understanding what ripped our country apart at the seams less than 200 years ago?

Why are we allowing history to repeat itself? Why are we allowing people of all shapes, sizes, and colors to believe that we, as human beings, are unequal and hold higher importance over one another? This is not what the "United" States of America stands for, so why are we letting it become our new Declaration? We are declaring that no man is created equal, that we do not stand together, and that no matter what, opinions will always trump what is right.

I will by no means allow myself to divulge into a certain side, a specific perspective. What good would that do? I, as a right-minded American, understand that not all black people are bad, but not all black people are good. Not all white people are good, but not all white people are bad. Not all law enforcement personnel are good, but not all law enforcement personnel are bad. We are letting a few bad people change the entirety of our perspective on a race or group of people. If this isn't ignorance at its best than I don't know what is.

History is repeating itself because we are allowing bad to win over good. We are letting the media take the reigns of what we believe and pushing those beliefs to the most extreme heights, never thought to be possible before. How can we be united if we leave ourselves fully vulnerable to be divided? There is SO much good in this world, yet we are blinded by the small amount of hate and disruption. We must pay attention to the love and goodness that is available in order to change this detrimental historic pattern.

All lives matter. The reason we feel the need to separate ourselves into "Black Lives Matter" and "Blue Lives Matter" is because of what I stated above, we simply believe the world to be a, no pun intended, black or white place. A race or group is either all bad or all good, there is no gray area in between. Until we see that we, as a nation, are not black and white, but gray as a whole, history will continue to repeat itself.