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7 Reasons Why You Keep Salt Lamps in Your Bedroom

If you ever get a chance to visit the world's second largest salt mine – Khewra – you would find yourself surrounded with all sorts of fascinating things purely made of salt. However, the most interesting of all is Himalayan Salt Lamp which comes in all different shapes and sizes. Aesthetically, it can be a great addition to your home décor, but that is not all it offers. According to some health experts, these pink salt lamps can have an amazing therapeutic impact and make your bedroom an excellent retreat after a long, tiring day.Not sure if investing in this extra accessory is worth it?

7 Reasons Why You Keep Salt Lamps in Your Bedroom
fab glass and mirror salt lamps

These 7 reasons below would certainly convince you to get a rock salt lamp right away.

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Reason 1: Himalayan Salt Lamps Give Added Safety and Reduced Electricity Consumption

You might be wondering how safe is it to leave your crystal salt lamp turned on over the night. Well, the good news is that lamps made of original Himalayan salt are completely safe, and even provide an added layer of protection to the atmosphere of your bedroom. Unlike the typical side table lamps, you do not need to worry about short circuits and fire on excessive use.

Moreover, these pink salt lamps are more like low-voltage bulbs that have minimum energy consumption. So, if you are living on a tight budget and looking for ways to cut on the utility bills, investing on Himalayan salt lamps can be a great idea. You would not have to keep an eye all the time to ensure that it is not unnecessarily turned on. Also, for all those folks who are fond of book reading before going to sleep, having this accessory by their side is certainly a great thing to cherish. The lamp provides enough light to prevent any eye sight issues for bed-time readings.

Reason 2: A highly pleasant and beautiful part of your interior décor

Keeping aside all the scientific and health benefits aside for a moment, let's ask a simple question – what is the defining factor when it comes to shopping for home accessories and furniture?

Aesthetics is certainly a major point to consider, because that is what makes home a great place to cherish and retreat. Same principle applies on these rock salt lamps. The antique textures they have on their surface along with the pinkish-green colour make them seem like some highly expensive and historic souvenir. Even if you are not fascinated by the old artefacts, assure yourself that this lamp will blend so perfectly with your classy bedroom outlook that your guests and friends would have a hard time not passing compliments on your room décor.

Other than bedroom, you can also place Himalayan salt lamps in your sitting lounge, drawing room, book shelf or even study room. This handy piece can go along in any environment without appearing as an unwanted addition. If you want to be a bit more creative, you may even hang these lamps at the entrance door to give a serene impact to anyone who steps in. The positive energy and sight of these lights will definitely add a soothing feel in all your evening parties and informal get-togethers.


Reason 3: Rock Salt Lamp Improves Your Sleep Quality with its Soothing, soft light

We all are surrounded with electronic gadgets. In fact, you are reading this article most probably on your mobile phone or laptop. As these gadgets have become an undeniable, integral part of our lives, we are continuously bombarded with all sorts of electromagnetic radiations and blue lights emitted from them. Various scientific studies have proven the significant adverse effects of these radiations on our sleep patterns, brain activity, mood swings and even overall energy. That is one of the reasons why some smartphones come with the night mode display settings so you may make the colour scheme of your display a bit warmer to overcome this problem.

So how a crystal salt lamp can help here? Well, the answer is simple – it counteracts those electromagnetic radiations surrounding you by emitting negative ions in the atmosphere. To understand this better, let's look at the basic theory of atom to help us comprehend the working.

Reason 4: Purifies the Air of Your Bedroom from All sort of Pollutants

Pink salt lamps have a very special feature – they promote the process of hygroscopy. In simple words, hygroscopy is the process in which the rock salt attracts contaminated water molecules from the air and eliminates all associated pollutants.

Many people tend to leaving cigarette ash, dust and firewood ash in their rooms. Even regular dusting and cleaning may not be completely eliminated such pollutants and become a cause of allergies. The good news is that you do not need to spend a lot of money on vacuum cleaners and other similar equipment for cleaning purposes. All you need is a classy crystal salt lamp in your bedroom.

Reason 5: Calms Down Seasonal Cold, Flu, Asthma, and other Allergies

Does the changing weather trigger those allergies, or unwanted seasonal cold attacks? Well, Himalayan salt lamp could be your lifeline then. Guess what? These exquisite rock salt lamps are even used as HPS inhalers. Hence, if you're an asthmatic patient, you would definitely see a positive impact of this lamp in your room. Besides, as it removes the pollutants from the air, it evidently assists in cutting off the allergy symptoms. Thus, bid farewell to the unwanted allergy attacks with this beautiful rock salt lamp.

Reason 6: Alleviates Depression and Enhances Mood

Bedroom needs to be a place, where one could relax, and relieve stress. Fortunately, keeping a salt lamp in your bedroom could automatically spread positive, happy vibes. In short, the rock salt lamps, would give the person an exposure to negative ions. Unlike positive ions, which deplete the body's energy, negative ions make one refresh. It enhances the energy levels.

In fact, a study was conducted to prove this. The subjects had to complete a 40-minute computer-based task in the presence of Himalayan salt lamp. The negative ions significantly improved their performance. Hence, uplift your mood; relieve stress; and rejuvenate by keeping a rock salt lamp in your bedroom.

Reason 7: It's Completely Natural

Asthmatic medications; seasonal allergies medicines, and the list go on and on. Be it stress, or the negative impacts of polluted air. But, here is the best part: with rock salt lamps, you could find the solution too many of your problems. It's all natural. So, now you do not need to depend on the long list of medicines to relieve your symptoms. Just buy a Himalayan salt lamp, and place it at the favourite spot of your bedroom. Cherish its mesmerizing outlook, and benefit from its attributes.

Moreover, these are environmental-friendly lamps. You do not need to worry about the emission of harmful radiations from this light source! So, what else does one need? It is the perfect thing to have in a bedroom!

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