5 Songs NOT To Choose For Your High School Graduation

Graduation. The time of your life when everything goes from dependence to independence. One of the things that never changes? Music. Graduation playlists are being formed all over the country and I know what we all are thinking: STOP PLAYING THE SAME FIVE SONGS AT GRADUATION! I am here to help you develop that top of the line playlist for your graduation season. Here are five songs NOT to play at your next high school graduation.

1. Green Day- Time of Your Life (Good Riddance)

Please stop playing this song! As a graduate of high school and as the sister of a soon to be graduate, I think I can speak for all the students when I say that this song is overplayed and doesn't describe how we are actually feeling anyway.

2. Lee Ann Womack- I Hope You Dance

Personally, I love this song. It is truly one of my favorites but way too overplayed. Yes, we know our families want us to remember to smell the roses and dance in the rain, but this song turns smelling the roses into a life chore. If you are going to include song, please remember that this isn't the end for the graduates.

3. Kenny Chesney- Don't Blink

Again, I love this song but my goodness! This song makes it sound like our lives are half over just because we are done with standardized testing. Graduation is a happy occasion, not a time to reflect on the fact that I am no long a teen and I have to get a job and a degree and......oh lord so much.

4. Miley Cyrus- The Climb

I honestly think this is the "We Are The Champions" of my generation. Yes, it is an overcoming song but my goodness we know we made it. THAT'S WHY WE ARE HERE. Maybe try something easier than moving a mountain when you finally get that high school degree.

5. Trace Adkins- You're Going to Miss This

Yes, we are going to miss our friends, clubs, musicals, and even that cranky teacher we all hate but still love because he gives candy. There are aspects of high school that everyone misses but as far as missing that 8AM math classes, no, you will not be missed. Again, this is a song that makes you think that your life is over after graduation and guess what? IT'S NOT!

Graduation is a happy time, not a time for each student to worry about if they did everything they could to be happy in high school. When making that special playlist for the big day, please remember that there are millions of songs out there. Don't choose these.

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