To My High School Friends As We Graduate

To My High School Friends As We Graduate

Here's to our last few days walking the halls together.

Dear high school friends,

We are almost out of here, and honestly I’ve never been more excited and more nervous all at once. Our lives are about to completely change, from no longer seeing each other in the hallways to no longer all being in the same town. It is scary to think that our four years are suddenly done with. We’ve grown up and we say we're ready, but I know we all have a little bit of doubt about our futures, even if it is the tiniest bit. I just wanted to say some parting words in these last moments we have left as high schoolers, so here it goes.

First off, I love you all. You have helped me become who I am, and I am happy to know I helped shape you, too. Our small town helped make us a family, and I couldn’t be more proud of that. We have had some tragic things we’ve endured, but on the flip side we have a million happy memories that I will always take with me. From Friday night lights, homecomings and proms, to Late Night Apps and chilling at each other's houses, we made the most of our kinda boring town and really we did what we could. We left a very big impact on our school and have hit many goals. I can’t help but think about how successful we all are, and how successful we will be.

To my girls, thank you. We have each other's backs, and our girls nights are monumental. We have a solid group of girls, and I think we’ve done a great job of supporting each other. Our group chat will never die. There is always going to be some little piece of home we will reminisce about or funny memories we will run into. From world travelers to kitchen appliances, I know we will continue to evolve.

To my boys, you all grew up on me. I can remember all of us girls thinking you’d never, ever mature; let alone, any of you actually get girlfriends. You guys know how to lighten the mood and keep everyone going, even if it is because of an inappropriate joke. You guys keep us on our toes! You’ve all turned into amazing young men, and you guys will go far. Thanks for all the fun times under the Friday night lights and at the basketball courts. You guys impacted me more than you’ll know.

Soon it will be graduation day, and we will all be dressed in those baggy blue robes. We will sit in the rows and listen to the band and the choir. We will get those diplomas and watch our class video. We will take more pictures than any dance, and maybe even shed a tear or two. We will have finally done it, and it will be beyond bittersweet. This small town made us, and we know that.

Even sooner, it will be August. Some of us will leave, others will stay. Some will go far far away, and others will be only an hour away. We won’t see each other every day; we won’t have nugs and mozz dippers anymore. Apps won’t be as frequent as they were, and we will have way too long of a time between each get together. I know some of us will probably drop off the grid, some of us will get married, and some of us might not. Wherever life takes us, we will have this bond. You will all have a spot in my heart.

Love always,


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Let's Stop Overthinking Friendships

Just take them for what they are.

I am often guilty of thinking to myself, “I’m putting so much more into this friendship than they are”, or slipping into an existential friendship crisis, “Do they actually really know me at all?” I just wish that I could revert to the childhood friendship days when the biggest problem was somebody not sharing.

I catch myself wondering if some of my friends even enjoy my company to begin with. I worry that I am being bothersome. I look at social media frantically, making sure that I don’t catch friend groups hanging out without me.

All of this excessive analyzing deteriorates the relationships that I cherish with those closest to me. They can feel my apprehension in our conversations. I can feel my internal concern when I attempt to open up completely, because I fear rejection.

Constantly trying to gauge how equal the effort in a friendship is, or how valued it is by both parties, ultimately leads to an unhealthy situation. This perpetual worry could, and has, manifested itself into resentment, and sometimes even anger towards those who know us the best.

Friendships are meant to offer support. Friends are there to give you love when you need it the most, and to be a balance to the bad aspects of life. They are absolutely not supposed to cause anxiety and stress.

I want to live in a sort of friendship oblivion, just purely being content and happy with my friends. I don’t want to assess their efforts, failings, or whether or not we will stay close in ten years. I just want to be a good friend at this very moment and hope for the same in return.

It sounds blissful, but being carefree towards relationships takes vulnerability; people can so easily take advantage. But I would personally rather move forward without regret, than put walls up in preparation of disappointment that is not necessarily certain to begin with.

Putting into perspective that friends have a life outside me tends to ease the stress. I consider that they may be dealing with their own demons: mental health, family adversity, relationship drama. Just taking each person for who they are makes it easy to be comfortable in amicable bonds.

Let’s stop overthinking friendships. Let’s take them for what they are, because fretting about them never benefits anybody, especially not yourself. There is enough stress in life that you should not let it attack within loving relationships.

Don’t glance into the future, or bring up the past, while sitting currently spending time with friends. Simply enjoy the present moment, which is enhanced by those you’ve grown close to. Because in a world filled with endless connections, you chose your friends for a reason.

Cover Image Credit: News 9

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7 Ways To Be The Best Friend You've Ever Been

Real deal friends should always be treasured.

As I had conversations with friends over the holidays and reconnected with people who I don't see every day, I began thinking more and more about what it means to be a good friend. Most of my friends and myself are in our mid-twenties and just on the brink of discovering what it means to truly enter adulthood. Though being in your twenties is exciting, it comes with quite a bit of uncertainty.

Though I am in the midst of my twenties, I believe you experience the lowest lows and highest highs in your relationships. In those times, it is important to cling to a solid community. Your friends become your rocks. I am by no means a perfect friend and I fall short of the friend I would like to be over and over again, but I think there are some ways in which we can simply love each other better.

1. Take the time to listen and understand your friend's perspectives.

Grey's Anatomy

You may level with your friends on a lot of beliefs, ideas, and values. That's great. Even if you don't, that can be beneficial too. I think it's important to constantly evaluate what you believe and why you believe it. Having conversations with friends that validate and challenge those ideas can be so rewarding. I find the best conversations I have with friends are the ones in which we are just trying to understand the world around us and life.

2. Take a genuine interest in your friends' dreams.

One Tree Hill

People have goals and things they want to achieve. Those goals and ambitions can be private sometimes, so when they're revealed its important as a friend to validate those dreams. It's also important to give honest feedback when friends seek advice. Surround yourself with friends that have your best interests at heart.

3. Learn your love language. More importantly - learn your friends' love languages.

Parks and Recreation

How do you best show love? Is it through quality time? Is it through providing acts of service or words of affirmation? How do your friends receive love best? Understanding what makes your friends feel loved is priceless. Keeping these things in mind will enable you to love your friends better and will deepen your relationships. Not sure what the love languages are? Check out "The 5 Love Languages: The Secret to Love that Lasts" by Gary Chapman. While I believe the intent is meant for more romantic relationships, but these ideas can still translate to friendships.

4. Be intentional about getting to know who your friends are and what matters to them.


Knowing and remembering small details about your friends - like what their favorite book is - is the key to really understanding who they are.

5. Be open and honest with your friends.

The Office

Being your authentic self is the only way to be. There's no sense in being friends when you can't really be yourself.

6. Make plans together.


Basically, spend time together. Making future plans, from a small brunch to a major international trip shows that you find the relationship willing to invest in.

7. Acknowledge what your friends do for you.

Cory and Shawn

Mostly, people just want to know that they are known. They want to know that what they do is important.

Friendships bring so much joy in life. They need nurture and care as much as any other important relationship. Without your friends, where would you be?

Cover Image Credit: Sam Manns

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